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17 Mar 2023
In reply to @dmanhaku:matrix.org
It's successor is EndeavourOS
Funny enough, I just installed endeavor today after Garuda messed up on me. I think the issue was some repos failed to connect from Garuda and messed up my display.
Download fc00da7e-4af4-475c-990f-2b99390e502a.jpg
@thothloki:matrix.orgthothlokiEndeavor. Had to trigger someone02:52:11
@firstofth300:seymour.familyDanny SeymourGiven you have other Windows devices on the network, I don't blame you for being nervous. Anything that's EOL would make me nervous since there are guaranteed to be unpatched CVEs.04:10:23
@dmanhaku:matrix.orgTheGoldenDragonTasty xfce11:36:12
@dmanhaku:matrix.orgTheGoldenDragonNo cap, I'm an xfce fan. Especially paired with i3 as my wm13:36:13
18 Mar 2023
@thothloki:matrix.orgthothlokiI used to be a cinnamon fanboy then went to kde for a while because I heard it was "the best" I think I have tried most DEs out there over the past few years. Always ignored xfce because it was "old and for crap hardware" until a buddy challenged to use it. Holy crap is it configurable and able to show just what I want without the bloat00:03:07
@bunno:matrix.orgBunI was a gnome 3+ fanboy for a while but I've come to appreciate KDE and XFCE more over the last few years00:06:04
@istori:matrix.orghdL6cGNOME 2, Unity, GNOME, XFCE 🦒00:08:11
@hank:myportal.socialHank I’m still a Cinnamon fan. I do wish that the dark mode setting was picked up by flutter apps like it is on Gnome 3 00:17:46
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillI liked Cinnamon when I used it on cinnarch… been happy just using Plasma the past few years though00:56:45
@hank:myportal.socialHankCinnarch? Is that an Arch-based distro/02:19:09
@hank:myportal.socialHankI'm using Cinnamon on my Garuda install on my bedroom laptop and liking it02:19:22
@hank:myportal.socialHankthe default DE was way too garish though02:19:29
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@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillIt was the precursor to antergos 😅03:55:37

I don’t remember which JB show had this on it, but Docker seems to have gotten the message.


@strit:matrix.orgDan JohansenIt was Linux Action News.22:09:45
19 Mar 2023
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20 Mar 2023
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