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14 Oct 2019
19:29:31@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberolooks like it may be a missing eglext.h include, but not 100% sure, not too deeply into EGL... Let me try
19:49:36@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79bero: Where is the list of supported drivers for the various task-printing packages?
19:50:00@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero ben79: I presume "rpm -q --requires task-printing"?
19:50:23@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79 I'm trying to find in Github but Github does not seem to know
19:50:43@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero or do you mean the list that's shown to people in cups UIs? That one would be in foomatic-db
19:51:33@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79 I'm trying to see if we have this one: https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/comment-installer-drvers-canon-pixma-mg2450/3163
20:05:32@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero ben79: I don't see it listed at all at https://openprinting.org/printers -- but there's plenty of similar ones that might work by forcing the driver, no way to tell for sure without having the hw
20:13:30@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79OK, thanks
21:19:31@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchka ben79: I looked at the LxQt issue looks like there's a missing library symbol in a Qt5icon library
21:20:04@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkaWWorking on it
21:23:12@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero99.999% chance it just needs a rebuild
21:23:45@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkaThe library or LxQt?
21:23:52@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberothat sort of stuff is almost always the result of not building stuff in the right order
21:25:54@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchka Don't we have no undefined? I thought that was supposed to error out if there were missing symbols?
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23:43:12@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinbero fdrt I see problem with some aarch64 builders, just like here: https://abf.openmandriva.org/build_lists/618777
23:44:49@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoitchka: It does, unless you disable no-undefined -- you get this type of error when you build an application against a library that exports the symbol, and then you update (or otherwise patch) the library to no longer export the symbol -- so just rebuild everything and the library and the application will match again
23:44:52@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero AngryPenguin: not sure what's up there
23:45:18@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinfew days I see this issue
23:47:47@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinbero when I restart build and will be taken by another builder, this problem gone
23:48:07@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinso problem with builders
23:49:24@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinthis host: 4b5c98931237, 713a87864cf9 and this 9fac528c7a91
23:51:26@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinahh, qemu?
23:51:35@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinnot native aarch6
23:51:53@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgAngryPenguinmaybe this is a problem
15 Oct 2019
00:25:05@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberomight be missing binfmt_misc setup on the builders
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