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21 Feb 2019
12:49:03@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkae next
12:49:25@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyitchka: -ENOBUILDERS at the moment
12:49:40@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkathen terminology
12:50:02@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyterminology is nice app .. I like it
12:50:07@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkaInvasion stopped as soon as I killed the port.
12:50:18@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyitchka: yes I know
12:50:53@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkaProlly should reinstall though since app appeared to be running native outside the container
12:51:16@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyitchka: we all should
12:51:26@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkaWas that the case for you?
12:52:30@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyitchka: yes ..but we got lucky they just wanted mining shit .. on ant not much sucessed but who known
13:13:33@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkabero: What is this macro %multiarch_binaries
13:19:16@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkabero: an %multiarch_bindir ?
13:23:53@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyitchka: probably something to solve file conflicts when you run multiarch app and both need have same file around ( or the like ) .. but not sure just guessed
13:25:43@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyitchka: search for some %multiarch_target or %multiarch_platform or some such .. should give a clue what this does then or is defined to
13:29:50@freenode_Son_Goku:matrix.orgSon_Goku I don't think we define those anymore
13:47:24@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero itchka: crazy: %multiarch_* stuff is obsolete, that's leftovers from a decade or so ago, where we needed some workaround to have e.g. a different /usr/include/ncurses.h for -m64 and -m32
13:47:44@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero itchka: crazy: it's safe to delete any %multiarch_* reference
13:49:14@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero Raphael: yes, fixed the let's encrypt stuff a week or so ago, the problem was that my certificates included a reference to a hostname I abandoned, causing renewal to fail because it couldn't verify that hostname. So acmetool works, but is awful at (not) giving diagnostics on failure
13:50:05@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: hey
13:50:16@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: did you saw PM ?:)
13:50:45@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberono, just got back... looking
13:51:25@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberobtw, I tried booting 5.0-rc7 on c64, the error is different now (and chances are 5.0-rc7 will actually boot on anything but nvme)
13:51:42@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberonvme0: I/O 8 QID 0 timeout, disable controller
13:51:45@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoRemoving after prove failure status: -4
13:51:51@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberofailed to set APST feature (-19)
13:52:24@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: :P I know fix .. see unknow-SSD-* patch I pushed for the other guy
13:52:53@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazy I don't know why to hell they enable this APST by default
13:53:25@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybut you can try with the command line option first
13:53:41@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyif is working we add patch and bug LKML
14:08:46@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberobrb, rebooting c64 to see if disabling APST makes 5.0-rc7 work

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