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2 Jul 2020
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberolooks like ben779_ already fixed it, distro-release 4.2-0.7 for x86_64 is currently being published19:11:43
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero there's currently also a few breakages caused by a webp soname increase (we should have pulled this in months ago, but the initial update attempt was botched, I fixed that yesterday) 19:12:59
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero but nothing a few rebuilds won't fix 19:13:08
@freenode_fdrt:matrix.orgfdrtbtw i really suggest to start massbuild for aarch6419:13:18
@freenode_fdrt:matrix.orgfdrti dunno how long i can hold tiashan server19:13:35
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoalmost ready19:15:02
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberothe one thing I want to get in before starting the aarch64 mass build is gcc19:15:18
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero the current gcc version failed to build there, and we probably shouldn't let gcc get out of sync before a mass build... 19:15:57
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberolooking at that right now19:16:02
@fritz:tchncs.defritz joined the room.19:24:32
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero Raphael: Is ISDN/RNIS still in use in France? 19:27:51
@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelBero maybe in few places (generally companies like banks) but almost all fiber or ADSL variant19:31:13
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero Raphael: I'm wondering because I'm wondering if it's safe to remove isdn4k-utils from the distro -- .ch and .de have stopped all ISDN services, but I know it used to be common in France as well. Guess not anymore... 19:32:33
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero but might make sense to keep it for another release if it's still around 19:32:57
@tpg:matrix.org_TPG ISDN is so 90's 19:34:03
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoand actually it looks like the kernel modules have been removed19:36:03
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoso it may make sense to drop the userland as well19:36:09
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGIn Poland an Orange offers ISDN only for B2B customers19:36:53
@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelYes almost same here19:37:09
@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelOr old specific hardware19:37:33
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGWell I may check tomorrow how many active lines Orange have in Poland19:37:43
@freenode_chwido:matrix.orgchwido[ LKML: Arnd Bergmann: [GIT PULL net-next, resend] isdn: deprecate non-mISDN drivers ] - lkml.org19:37:53
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGunless ISDN is on data warehouse :)19:38:16
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberolooks like that pull request has been accepted at some point in the last couple of months19:38:23
@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelOrange in France want to get rid of copper landlines19:38:34
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGIf it is not, then company does not care19:38:35
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero isdn4k-utils doesn't even compile anymore because it's missing the linux/isdn.h include 19:38:41
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGRaphael same here, copper lines are getting out of soil, in favour of fibre cables19:39:29

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