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19 Apr 2021
@tpg:matrix.org_TPG bero: any tl;dr ? 14:13:28
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero docker doesn't keep /dev in sync, so when a new device node gets created (e.g. creating a partition inside a loop device), the device node is created on the host system and not in the container 14:25:54
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero workaround: mount the host's /dev inside the container (which obviously has some drawbacks if something in the container goes bad/evil and does rm -rf /dev/*) 14:26:27
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero I'm currently seeing if we can mount the host's /dev read-only 14:26:39
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberotpg: ^^^14:26:41
@tpg:matrix.org_TPG bero: thanks for explaining it 15:14:52
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGbtw i talked with people from #panfrost15:15:16
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGand seens like they have stable fps 15:15:38
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGsynced to vsync of screen15:15:52
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGi have 1920x1080/60p and i got 30 fps15:16:03
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGwhen i changed devfreq governor for GPU i got 40 fps15:16:23
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGstill all Qt widgets are slow15:16:39
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGand laggy15:16:43
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGeven when sddm starts it is laggy15:16:52
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGbuilding OGL version of qt5-qtbase for local container15:19:16
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGgood news is that VPU support in gstreamer for rk3399 is already available in master, and will land in gst-1.19.115:27:06
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberotpg: aarch64 qt with desktop GL http://lindev.ch/QtGL/16:42:19
@freenode_chwido:matrix.orgchwido[ Index of /QtGL ] - lindev.ch16:42:19
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoprobably needs rebuilds of all other Qt stuff though... Building some more16:42:30
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoweird... The pkgconfig provides: generator seems to be broken16:53:27
@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberonone of the various qt*-devel packages in QtGL provide pkgconfig(*) stuff16:53:42
* @freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero hopes it's a local error on emag 16:53:55
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@tpg:matrix.org_TPG bero: thanks, I tested it 21:19:17
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGAnd I must say that on plasma X11 I got like 15 FPS, while plasma Wayland gives 30 fps21:20:07
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGI tested weston21:20:41
@tpg:matrix.org_TPGInside Weston, I run weston-simple-egl, and that tool says 60 fps21:21:28
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@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberotpg: so -gl desktop makes things worse (or at least not better) as expected?23:21:00

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