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18 Dec 2018
22:23:37@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: want me to start more ant builders ?
22:24:15@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazy bero: today I don't need the box for anything big .. just our builder is running OM znver1/iso* builders and my usual stuff
22:24:40@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchka crazy: Thanks I'm ready to load up the new laptop with the alpha. It will be the fisrt time an installed linux will be run on it.
22:24:51@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberocrazy: the more builders the better... When the alpha isos are built, I have a few mass builds ready to go...
22:25:05@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoboost 1.69, qt 5.12, kapps 18.12 (and anything depending on those)
22:25:19@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoand of course libreoffice 6.2 with working kde integration
22:28:09@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazy bero: if possible please don't push now to much in abf .. give me like 10 - 20 minutes
22:28:35@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero crazy: sure, I'll start building all that stuff only after the iso has been built anyway
22:28:47@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyfdrt: something confused in rancher btw .. antbuilders under 10core .. and so on
22:29:07@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: I try to sort this wrong builders names manually for now
22:29:15@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazy names -> hosts
22:29:39@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero while at it, please check for incompatible arches as well, let's make sure we don't have an intel box picking up znver1 builds by mistake
22:32:00@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: so far I can see only ant,c64,ryzen got znver1 builders
22:32:17@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybut yeah on wrong mapping something else may try to build
22:32:31@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberothe way it should be... Except probably some box is still identifying itself as ryzen and therefore getting its znver1 builds too
22:32:39@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoI know 10cores used to do that... fixed it there
22:32:47@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero but don't know if 10cores was the only box doing that
22:33:30@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: antbuilders got mapped to 10core =)
22:33:47@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyso no wonder the box was going mad
22:34:00@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazycannot find what clones ryzen :(
22:35:00@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyI think ryzen is sort ghost bc the container cannot stop
22:35:30@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybut give me some more minutes .. not that easy to figure these without docs in few minutes
22:37:49@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazybero: you got to much builders for c64 .. 3 of each should work much better and faster
22:40:50@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberoyes, not sure how it ended up with that many builders
22:41:17@freenode_crazy:matrix.orgcrazyeven 2 of each
22:53:05@freenode_bero:matrix.orgberovbox 6.0.0 has just been released
22:53:10@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero hope it won't break things again...
22:53:13* @freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero downloads
22:55:24@freenode_bero:matrix.orgbero should be good news for gamers... "major update of 3D graphics support for Windows guests"

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