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24 Mar 2020
18:42:43@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhoand we know that the numbrer of tests is very badly bottlenecked
18:44:45@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzho also I am not sure why I can't type "number"
18:47:19@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano yeah, it's getting bonkers
18:47:28@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanothe lack of testing is appalling
25 Mar 2020
19:02:06@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano why does the weather have to get nice while we're stuck in quarantine???
22:53:16@freenode_Tylak:matrix.orgTylakI walked to the store and back, it was nice
26 Mar 2020
11:52:56@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoyeah, it was beautiful
11:53:04@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoi sat out on the patio and read a book
12:37:51@freenode_The_Miser:matrix.orgThe_MiserMy SO and I took a walk around the block last evening... But fear not! Rain on and off all through the weekend!
13:05:46@freenode_peterrother:matrix.orgpeterrotherGood grilling weather down here in Cincy! Loving the smell of burgers and brats in the air. Just missing the opening day parade today. :-/
13:47:22@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoyeah, is was gorgeous last night
27 Mar 2020
12:05:47@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano i'm signing up for CORC, http://www.corc.us/
28 Mar 2020
17:56:54@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano yay, first day of nice weather we're getting thunderstorms :D
18:10:42@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoanyone else watching the storms?
18:15:15@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanoaww yisss Severe Weather Thunderstorm for my area :D
18:33:52@freenode_peterrother:matrix.orgpeterrother we've been dodging them so far. looking forward to watching one roll in from the deck.
18:37:19@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano i'm watching them roll in now
18:37:23@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano i'm in Columbus
19:25:25@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyano now it's all sunny :(
19:25:29@freenode_yano:matrix.orgyanobut at least it has cooled off :D
30 Mar 2020
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