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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) yeah, 495 has a huge bug where it loses opengl/vulkan a while after boot 22:55:17
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb oh the beta driver is on the AUR 22:55:17
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) it also fixes a gtk bug exposed in mutter 41.3 where windows wouldn't tile and stuff actually it's probably a 41.4 fix, getting sleepy 22:55:20
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) * it also fixes a gtk bug exposed in mutter 41.3 where windows wouldn't tile and stuff actually it's probably a 41.4 fix, getting sleepy 22:55:23
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb im dumb about nvidia drivers but is there anything special i have to do to install the beta while i have the normal version installed? 22:55:24
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) if you use the package manager it should just remove the old one and install the new one 22:55:24
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) beta or not doesn't matter, that's just a support thing 22:55:25
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb one of the repos is "nvlax" 22:57:10
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb dont know what that is haha 22:57:17
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerbRedacted or Malformed Event22:57:37
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) think it's related to nvenc etc 22:59:56
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) gtg, good luck with that bug, hope the new drivers are solid 23:00:43
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb ty 23:00:47
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb thanks for your help 23:00:51
@_discord_101082958076600320:t2bot.ioFerb sleep well 23:00:52
24 Jan 2022
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@_discord_369489375169478667:t2bot.io[dpanter]๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช#6464 considering that's a 2015 Braswell (mobile) 6W tdp 4c/4t low clockspeed cpu and you didn't mention any gpu... i'd say the performance will be largely theoretical. it really depends on what you intend to do with it. old console emulation? no problem! 2d games and web browsing should also be fine. most other things? ehhh. the igpu doesn't support vulkan or dx12 afaik 10:45:44
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@_discord_288061190884687892:t2bot.ioDobbelbob I cant pair my DualShock 3 Controller with Mint. When it is connected vai cable it works jsut fine. Opening the Bluetooth app then also says, that the Controller is requesting to be paired. But when I remove the cable it has no connection via Bluetooth. 15:20:49
@_discord_288061190884687892:t2bot.ioDobbelbob nevermind, works now 15:25:11
@_discord_369489375169478667:t2bot.io[dpanter]๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช#6464 magicโ„ข๏ธ 15:27:25
@_discord_280659080991735809:t2bot.ioResident Ubuntu User I've got the option to run it as an app 16:34:48
@_discord_280659080991735809:t2bot.ioResident Ubuntu User [dpanter]๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช 16:47:21
@_discord_369489375169478667:t2bot.io[dpanter]๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช#6464 ask your question properly here, with details and what you are trying to do in which programs and what is happening atm 16:48:40
@_discord_280659080991735809:t2bot.ioResident Ubuntu User Alright. 2 problems:
1. I need to right click a batch script to run it, how do I make it a simple double-click file? Double-clicking opens the sh in my text editor
2. In relations to the above, how would I make it so that I can pin it to my shelf?

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