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18 Feb 2019
15:19:49@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "34 [M4F] Anyone like teachers?" posted in /r/r4r by wilsonwhisky. http://redd.it/ary7wf
15:23:16@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "34 [M4F] #Toronto Looking for a FWB" posted in /r/r4r by Dminor7b5. http://redd.it/ary8p5 NSFW
15:26:46@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "28 [M4F] Philly/East Coast - Starting from scratch" posted in /r/r4r by -etcetera-. http://redd.it/arya08
15:32:10@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "26 [M4F] Europe looking for a close friend" posted in /r/r4r by bbbbbbbb1234. http://redd.it/arybqd
15:33:58@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "40 [M4F] Anywhere- What’s an acceptable lunch break today?" posted in /r/r4r by AgainAndAgain_. http://redd.it/arycvr
15:39:10@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "33 [M4F] - Chicago/Illinois/The U.S of America - Pretend this is a flashy title to get your attention and bring you inside. Did it work? Only one way to find out!" posted in /r/r4r by PM_ME_RED_PANDA_PICS. http://redd.it/aryeii
15:39:12@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "21 [M4F] - looking for people to chat with once i get off work" posted in /r/r4r by lonesoldier09. http://redd.it/aryelz
15:42:49@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [F4R] EU. is "i like memes" good enough bait?" posted in /r/r4r by luvlij93. http://redd.it/aryg9t
15:51:34@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "24 [M4F] Anywhere - Hobbyist graphic designer looking to talk to women from all over the world!" posted in /r/r4r by Wasting_Night. http://redd.it/aryj1k
15:56:46@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "23 [M4F] Los Angeles/Anywhere - Looking for s girl into public play" posted in /r/r4r by DM_ME_B00BS_PLEASE. http://redd.it/aryl9s NSFW
16:01:59@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "22 [M4F] Canada/Anywhere - Really introverted guy looking for another homebody" posted in /r/r4r by weeewlad. http://redd.it/aryn98
16:03:43@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "28 [F4M] Anywhere, Longterm and Platonic" posted in /r/r4r by noinfo2938. http://redd.it/arynoq
16:03:43@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "38 [M4F] #NYC or Brooklyn. Film buff sex movie partner, or Netflix buddy. Relaxing and chill with no pressure. FWB connection, and possibility for more. Basically want to find somebody to watch great films with and laugh, that’s my main goal and anything else is cherry" posted in /r/r4r by hiddeninsite99. http://redd.it/aryo01 NSFW
16:17:41@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "40 [M4R] Carolinas/Anywhere-On the path to divorce and need a soundboard." posted in /r/r4r by throwaway66788876557. http://redd.it/arytgd
16:21:09@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "29 [F4M] looking for a smart guy..... and that’s it" posted in /r/r4r by SweetPen1. http://redd.it/aryurs NSFW
16:22:52@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "20 [F4R] US/Anywhere- Snapchat pals" posted in /r/r4r by ForEmma_AnHourAgo. http://redd.it/aryvbz
16:24:37@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [M4F] North East US - If at first you don't succeed..." posted in /r/r4r by Bigm72793. http://redd.it/aryvh7
16:26:20@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "30 [M4R] Anywhere - Keep this English firefighter company on a long night shift?" posted in /r/r4r by StrangeLackOfContext. http://redd.it/arywhd
16:26:20@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "22 [F4M] - Looking for serious relationship with white guy older than me - Canada/Anywhere" posted in /r/r4r by blackgirlinthegta. http://redd.it/arywt2
16:28:10@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "21 [M4F/T] Egypt or anywheree to chat have some fun or just friends" posted in /r/r4r by duskymourn. http://redd.it/aryxbw
16:31:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "26 [M4F] Boston MA/Online - Virgin submissive looking for domme" posted in /r/r4r by VirginForDomme. http://redd.it/aryyax NSFW
16:31:48@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [M4F] Anywhere - Introverted, nerdy, sarcastic, dry-humored man seeking something long-term" posted in /r/r4r by Spectyr_. http://redd.it/aryyhl
16:31:58@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "24 [M4F] From Asia (GMT+5), Looking Everywhere. Don't Read this if you are not honest." posted in /r/r4r by Gaazr. http://redd.it/aryyi9
16:33:35@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "22 [M4F] Looking for a fun chubby girl/ titty monster" posted in /r/r4r by Supremecatcream. http://redd.it/aryz1r NSFW
16:35:25@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [M4F] #Denver/Anywhere - Help Me Get Over My Crush" posted in /r/r4r by HereForAFunTime. http://redd.it/arz0a9
16:38:54@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "24[M4F] Long Island, NY Introverted guy seeks interesting girl" posted in /r/r4r by alacabar. http://redd.it/arz1mm
16:40:43@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "18 [M4F] Michigan Tall Dude Lookin 4 Love" posted in /r/r4r by Memesemaritan. http://redd.it/arz1s1
16:42:33@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25[M4F] Burger King has the best breakfast out all of the shitty fast food breakfast change my mind 🤔💰🚬" posted in /r/r4r by EmoNemo666. http://redd.it/arz2rt
16:42:34@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "40 [m4r] Happy to chat with anyone about anything. Have no local friends. Hit me up. UK." posted in /r/r4r by rockyisthebestpup. http://redd.it/arz2yp NSFW
16:42:34@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "38 [M4F] PA/NJ - I am the best cuddle you have ever had..." posted in /r/r4r by Lordelohim. http://redd.it/arz32p NSFW

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