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16 Dec 2018
21:11:18@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "24 [M4F] New York/Anywhere - Oozing with gender dysphoria and looking for a girl friend!" posted in /r/r4r by makemeaballerina. http://redd.it/a6sxql
21:16:36@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "30 [M4R] Sacramento -- Anyone else for winter hiking buddies?" posted in /r/r4r by Naughty_Cantata. http://redd.it/a6sz2t
21:25:06@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "33 [M4F] Cleveland OH suburbs" posted in /r/r4r by golfernut365. http://redd.it/a6t1t0
21:26:48@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "27[F4M] looking for a job!" posted in /r/r4r by bigdickluver. http://redd.it/a6t2so
21:30:18@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "26[M4R] Canada/Anywhere Bored at work, just looking to chat." posted in /r/r4r by Liney67. http://redd.it/a6t3ub
21:35:24@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "23 [M4F] Melbourne/Australia - General Reposti!" posted in /r/r4r by IntrepidPepper. http://redd.it/a6t5mp
21:38:48@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "28[M4F] Anywhere - Serious about a relationship" posted in /r/r4r by TwistedLiquorice. http://redd.it/a6t6bz
21:40:30@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "36 [M4F] Northern VA - fuck buddy" posted in /r/r4r by Mangeeknetwork. http://redd.it/a6t6tn NSFW
21:45:36@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "23 [M4F] do women actually respond to these things? Hopefully there's some older plus size women out there that will" posted in /r/r4r by Catapillar69. http://redd.it/a6t8x7
21:49:16@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "32 [M4F] let’s be all sorts of awesome together" posted in /r/r4r by winning2four7. http://redd.it/a6t9y0
21:52:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "21 [F4R] Let’s spread some holiday cheer" posted in /r/r4r by Flap_Dragon. http://redd.it/a6taxk
21:54:26@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "30 [M4F] Up-State NY - Looking for a close friend" posted in /r/r4r by PenskeForLifeeeeee2. http://redd.it/a6tb5p
21:56:08@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "21 [M4R] Oregon/Anywhere Looking for friends+" posted in /r/r4r by threlnari97. http://redd.it/a6tboo
22:01:14@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [F4M] South Carolina/US" posted in /r/r4r by holyusernamebatman1. http://redd.it/a6tdi0
22:02:56@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "29 [M4F] Central Pennsylvania - Seeking one of the dozen childfree Christians in the world" posted in /r/r4r by Linkums. http://redd.it/a6te30
22:04:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "26 [M4F] Georgia/anywhere - Affectionate guy looking for my partner. Something genuine. <3" posted in /r/r4r by CountingBackwardsTo1. http://redd.it/a6tep5
22:04:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "29 [F4R] Virginia- Birthday weekend and I'm sick! '(" posted in /r/r4r by abigailjo. http://redd.it/a6tezg
22:09:50@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "20 [M4F] Savannah/Online - Shining my Batsignal" posted in /r/r4r by Tr1n1tyStAr. http://redd.it/a6tgn0
22:15:08@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "19 [M4F] Anywhere-joining the military and looking for a significant other" posted in /r/r4r by niceyetlonely. http://redd.it/a6thpk
22:20:14@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "28 [M4F] Vancouver - Another work trip!" posted in /r/r4r by Torontoorgy. http://redd.it/a6tjks NSFW
22:21:56@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "24 [M4R] Just looking for something more" posted in /r/r4r by Raratah. http://redd.it/a6tjv0 NSFW
22:27:02@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "29 [F4M] St. Louis--Cute BBW nerd for actual friends, actual benefits" posted in /r/r4r by 113253439. http://redd.it/a6tlhw NSFW
22:27:02@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "24 [M4F] Long Island/NYC - Let's go on a date" posted in /r/r4r by thedamnusername. http://redd.it/a6tlnj
22:28:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "30 [F4R] WWYD if you suddenly found yourself in my body?" posted in /r/r4r by notsuuure. http://redd.it/a6tm12 NSFW
22:28:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "26 [M4F] St. Louis - Looking for someone smart, driven, motivated, nerdy, and adventurous." posted in /r/r4r by versipelis. http://redd.it/a6tm62
22:28:44@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [M4M] Sacramento Seeking FWB" posted in /r/r4r by Jabberwabber. http://redd.it/a6tm7s NSFW
22:32:14@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25[F4M] New York/Long Island- Christmas spirit" posted in /r/r4r by YellowCeiling. http://redd.it/a6tni7
22:32:14@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "27 [M4F] Ashland KY/online. Looking for a caring affectionate nerd who also understands extremely weird and surreal kinks." posted in /r/r4r by Nobodyjustnobody. http://redd.it/a6tnk5 NSFW
22:32:15@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "28[M4F] Boston but anywhere - Got Sick this weekend, so let's ask some questions" posted in /r/r4r by arcfun. http://redd.it/a6tnkd
22:33:56@_snoonet_SubWatch:matrix.orgSubWatch Self post: "25 [M4F] Rochester/Online - A friend for the holidays" posted in /r/r4r by Solidmorph. http://redd.it/a6to35

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