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11 Jan 2021
@telegram_1155866388:chagai.websiteBob Jacobs (Telegram) left the room.19:24:16
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@chagai:chagai.websiteFriedlanderRedacted or Malformed Event19:34:39
@chagai:chagai.websiteFriedlandernew bridged group to telegram and whatsapp, for some reason I was having trouble with the old group...19:40:15
@chagai:chagai.websiteFriedlander left the room.19:45:44
19 Jan 2021
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23 Jan 2021
@melmc:matrix.orgmelmc set a profile picture.02:07:11
25 Jan 2021
@_discord_465148575823953930:t2bot.ioChagai95#4397 Testing bridge 17:29:23
@testman42:matrix.orgtestman joined the room.17:30:44
@testman42:matrix.orgtestmanI approve of this test ☝️17:31:07
31 Jan 2021
@majso:matrix.org@majso:matrix.org joined the room.23:13:34
@majso:matrix.org@majso:matrix.orgHey guys, is possible to use prosody running in jitsi-meet stack as a usual xmpp server? For example with conversation app?23:14:49
1 Feb 2021
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7 Feb 2021
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8 Feb 2021
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16 Feb 2021
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20 Feb 2021
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21 Feb 2021
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusPeople not seeing members in the jitsi conference calls really discourages people from joining the room chats If someone is in the room it's always nice to see so or else one feels weird for possibly being the first one to the party No one will start the call and then it defeats the purpose Is jitsi working on adding this notification feature to the ongoing conference call notice yet?05:25:24
@xirtus:matrix.orgxirtusthe jitsi iframe should be updated to list the participants 05:25:33
27 Feb 2021
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai (backup account)#jitsithecall:matrix.org10:21:30
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai (backup account)
In reply to @chagai:chagai.website
new bridged group to telegram and whatsapp, for some reason I was having trouble with the old group...
new room, sorry, the bridges are more active so it's better if we all move here, I need to close this room, anyone know how to do that ? 😅
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai (backup account) changed the room topic to "New room - #jitsithecall:matrix.org " from "EXREMELY UNOFFICIAL ROOM, discuss the open source Jitsi Meet project. bridged to: telegram.me/jitsithecall used to be bridged to : WA: tinyurl.com/jitsithecall, discord.gg/uuf2FUZ ".10:37:00
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai (backup account) changed the room name to "Jitsi The Call - Old Room" from "Jitsi The Call".10:37:20
19 Mar 2021
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30 Mar 2021
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai (backup account) changed their display name from Chagai to Chagai (backup account).19:47:32

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