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14 Jun 2024
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15 Jun 2024
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@dhn5q2cd5f:matrix.orgBahinyon How do I verify my friend after declined by accident 01:10:58
@dhn5q2cd5f:matrix.orgBahinyonWe are trying to have a conversation, but we have encrypted messages so I need to verify in order to read them01:16:29
@dhn5q2cd5f:matrix.orgBahinyonHi, I I was asked to verify friend that I joined the app to talk to and they declined it by accident. Do you know how I can verify him cause I can’t see how to do it. Sorry to bother you with the random question.01:20:44
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@simonmic:matrix.orgsmideas: maybe check your settings, quit and restart the app, leave and rejoin the chat04:51:55
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@mojtabas96:matrix.orgmojtaba soleimanihi, i develop my own fork and everything just fine on develop but on the release, when the user enter username and password the app will be crash with error : MANDATORY KEY NOT AVAILABLE FOR DATA OF TYPE ORG.MATRIX.KIT.MXKACCOUNTMANAGERDAT can anyone help me?05:58:39
In reply to @kortschak:matrix.org
You say "older". Is this fixed by an update? If so approximately when is it fixed?
Hi mate did you manage to fix the verification issue. I’m having a nightmare with it.
@jimjones9:matrix.orgJim Jones joined the room.17:33:39
@adam:bostoncoop.netAdamI have a few rooms that always show up as “unread” on Element iOS. Even if I leave the rooms and rejoin them, or mark all as read, they still appear in the “unread” filter. I have notifications off for those rooms, but it makes no difference. Any workaround for getting them out of “unread”?23:10:42
@marcus:matrix.familie-mrotzek.deMarcus MDid you check the threads?23:34:48
@marcus:matrix.familie-mrotzek.deMarcus M * Did you check the threads?
You have to read this messages too. Sometimes that's the reason
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16 Jun 2024
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@adam:bostoncoop.netAdam Yes, checked all threads. It’s also not showing as having any unreads on web/deaktop. 01:15:49
@adam:bostoncoop.netAdam * Yes, checked all threads. It’s also not showing as having any unreads on web/desktop. 01:15:57
@adam:bostoncoop.netAdam Some of the rooms that are stuck unread in iOS have no threads at all because they are iMessage bridge rooms. 01:16:44
@adam:bostoncoop.netAdam One of them only has five events total from conception, so it’s easy to scroll back to the top and see that there are literally no unreads. 01:17:42
@adam:bostoncoop.netAdam And no threads or replies. 01:17:46
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@ghost_protocol:matrix.orgghost_protocolHow do I delete my element account?01:58:57
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