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13 Feb 2020
17:42:03@aaron:raim.istAaron RHello
20:59:58@kb1rd:kb1rd.netKB1RDI just tested a voice call on my mom’s car and saw this:
21:01:19@kb1rd:kb1rd.netKB1RDDoes anyone know what this number is? (I redacted part of it, obviously)
21:01:37@kb1rd:kb1rd.netKB1RDIt’s not related to the room ID AFAIK
14 Feb 2020
03:36:26@jimmehh:matrix.orgJimmehh changed their display name from 2mmi to Jimmehh.
03:36:47@jimmehh:matrix.orgJimmehh changed their profile picture.
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15 Feb 2020
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17:21:25@tulir:maunium.nettulirany plans for a new testflight build? the previous one seems to be really old already
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17 Feb 2020
11:41:03@mike-hs:matrix.orgmike-hs[m]I'm having this feeling that Riot iOS stopped syncing notifications. Got like a 10 of them that were read on desktop client
11:41:51@mike-hs:matrix.orgmike-hs[m] syncing read status and removing the notification
19:12:12@tma:im.skytel.eetma joined the room.
19:13:56@tma:im.skytel.eetmaHello all! Why is there an automatic logout from the application on iOS?
19:14:34@mazacon:m.dhdf.devAdilUsing riot iOS rn and I haven’t had that issue
19:14:44@mazacon:m.dhdf.devAdil* Using riot iOS rn and I haven’t had that issue
19:15:33@tma:im.skytel.eetmaI have my own homeserver and several iPhone clients complain about this problem.
19:16:51@aaron:matrix.orgaaron tma: there is an issue if the phone runs out of battery, riot shows the login screen until you close and reopen it.
19:16:46@tma:im.skytel.eetmaUnder Android we do not observe such a problem.
In reply to @aaron:matrix.org
tma: there is an issue if the phone runs out of battery, riot shows the login screen until you close and reopen it.
How can this be avoided?
19:18:01@aaron:matrix.orgaaron Not run out of battery?
19:18:44@aaron:matrix.orgaaron (Ideally someone will find the bug and fix it.)
In reply to @aaron:matrix.org
Not run out of battery?
I will clarify about battery drain
19:19:57@tma:im.skytel.eetmaThank you
19:24:48@aaron:matrix.orgaaron More information about the issue would be nice. Only one other user has reported logout issues that I know of.
21:03:13@aaron:raim.istAaron Rtma: it doesn’t actually log you out. It just appears to log you out. If you see the login screen, force quit the app and then it will open normally.
18 Feb 2020
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