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26 Jan 2022
@happylikeabird:matrix.orghappylikeabirdIs there a way to delete conversation?09:28:44
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@happylikeabird:matrix.orghappylikeabird It just hangs there 09:28:52
Als Antwort auf @happylikeabird:matrix.org
Is there a way to delete conversation?
Not directly deleting, but you could leave the conversation
Als Antwort auf @happylikeabird:matrix.org
It just hangs there
Either maybe because your internet is slow or sth weird, in which case you could try deleting cache in element settings
@nightshade:dipsacus.euNightShadeYou can also directly get to their profile (and the verify button) by pressing their avatar in the chat09:32:24
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In reply to @pervaeckt:kif.rocks
Hi! I just installed 1.7.0 and github lists message bubbles as a new feature (https://github.com/vector-im/element-ios/releases/tag/v1.7.0). Am I missing something or are they still not available yet? At least I can’t find a setting to enable them 🤔
We're currently implementing message bubbles so you might see mentions of these in the GitHub changelog, but they're not yet ready to be enabled.
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In reply to @nightshade:dipsacus.eu
You can also directly get to their profile (and the verify button) by pressing their avatar in the chat
Tried both but it still hangs :(
@nightshade:dipsacus.euNightShade happylikeabird: hmm -.- have you tried clearing cache? (That’ just the standard answer 😅. I suppose you’re running the newest version?) 11:08:50
@happylikeabird:matrix.orghappylikeabirdYes newest version and cleared cache11:09:18
@happylikeabird:matrix.orghappylikeabird Must clear again 11:09:44
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@nightshade:dipsacus.euNightShadeHmm, if clearing cache doesn’t work, no idea. Srry.11:17:13
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27 Jan 2022
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