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18 Feb 2019
17:00:59@brycec:cobryce.combrycecI'm legitimately tempted by this https://shopus.letterkenny.tv/collections/featured-products/products/allegedly-black-t-shirt
17:00:59@kusuriya:corrupted.iokusuriyaso 85 bucks a year for a warm fuzzy that people younger than me will beable to see the natrual wonders of the US
17:02:49@brycec:cobryce.combrycecOof shipping is over 50% the price of the shirt though. So, maybe someday...
17:06:18@freenode_mianosm:cobryce.commianosm (IRC)IT FEELS PRETTY GOOD
17:06:21@freenode_mianosm:cobryce.commianosm (IRC)I LIKED IT
17:06:29@freenode_mianosm:cobryce.commianosm (IRC)that show is absurd
17:11:37@freenode_the-pete:cobryce.comthe-pete (IRC)I heard it was sick
17:11:54@freenode_the-pete:cobryce.comthe-pete (IRC)started into season 5 on friday
17:17:23@kusuriya:corrupted.iokusuriyaI still havent seen it
I recently discovered a way for an unprivileged user to crash PID1 by sending it a specially crafted D-Bus message on the system bus and causing the stack pointer to jump the stack guard pages, leaving it pointing to an unmapped page.
17:18:22@qbit:tapenet.orgqbitGOOO SYSTEMD!!
17:19:28@kusuriya:corrupted.iokusuriyaPiD1 CrAsHiNg IsNt A cOnCeRn!
17:51:42@taylskid:taylskid.metaylskidOh the picture of the actual ibis didn’t send lol
17:51:53@brycec:cobryce.combrycecBut if PID 1 is crashed, who's going to parent all these zombie processes?
17:52:01@taylskid:taylskid.metaylskidV good birb
In reply to @brycec:cobryce.com
But if PID 1 is crashed, who's going to parent all these zombie processes?
18:02:48@snk:nobeta.orgsnkZombie dad
18:20:39@snk:nobeta.orgsnkSometimes I worry that robots and AI are going to extinguish the human race, and then I watch my Roomba get stuck in a corner and am like “lol”
18:26:28@freenode_dxtr:cobryce.comdxtr (IRC)Good evening
18:39:57@lteo:pintobyte.comlteosnk: I dunno, I bought a wifi-enabled Roomba on Black Friday, and I have seen it light up on its own before.. I fear it is plotting my destruction
18:40:35@snk:nobeta.orgsnkHeh, the light on mine turns on if I open the app
18:40:57@snk:nobeta.orgsnk Also I think if something pings it it lights up... or something
18:40:57@lteo:pintobyte.comlteoyeah I'm certain it's the app but I felt like my narrative was more exciting
18:41:13@snk:nobeta.orgsnkI have suspicions that the chrome cast awakens it
18:41:47@qbit:tapenet.orgqbitmy windows box wa
18:41:53@snk:nobeta.orgsnkBeen meaning to make a dmz for my robots and thermostats and other shit I can’t control
18:41:56@qbit:tapenet.orgqbitkes from sleep if i port scan
18:50:16@freenode_MagisterQuis:cobryce.comMagisterQuis (IRC) joined the room.

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