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18 Dec 2018
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11:25:26@freenode_BryceBot:cobryce.comBryceBot (IRC) bcallah posted to ports-changes@openbsd.org! "CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: ports" (Tue Dec 18 02:59:20 GMT-08:00 2018): "solene@ reports that GOG updated their Postal game, and the pkg/README is now outdated. Update and simplify, and bump." [games/postal : Makefile games/postal/pkg: README]
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13:19:25@snk:pintobyte.comsnkhuge if true
13:19:51@snk:pintobyte.comsnkday 2 of funemployment commences
13:20:31@snk:pintobyte.comsnkyesterday was obsd router day... i don't think i had a plan for today
13:20:39@freenode_technoid_:cobryce.comtechnoid_ (IRC)Any projects?
13:21:46@freenode_kremlin:cobryce.comkremlin (IRC)m
13:21:48@snk:pintobyte.comsnknot anything in particular
13:22:10@freenode_technoid_:cobryce.comtechnoid_ (IRC)day drinking?
13:22:14@snk:pintobyte.comsnki do have to brush up on my Ruby/rails before the new gig starts
13:22:24@snk:pintobyte.comsnkbut thats two whole weeks away ;)
13:23:10@snk:pintobyte.comsnki have "Click Here To Kill Everybody" by Bruce Schneier sitting here... need to read that
13:23:24@snk:pintobyte.comsnkbeen putting that off for a while
13:24:10@freenode_technoid_:cobryce.comtechnoid_ (IRC)Would love to get some time to re-read some Gibson.
13:24:47@freenode_technoid_:cobryce.comtechnoid_ (IRC)reading lots of text is rough ever since my stroke last year. Easier to re-read something than to read a new book
13:26:29@snk:pintobyte.comsnkhow do audiobooks go?
13:27:09@snk:pintobyte.comsnkand that's interesting... is it fatiguing to sit in one place for that long, or something else that makes it uncomfortable?
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