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12 Dec 2020
@jeff_pr:matrix.orgjeff_pr joined the room.14:53:00
@mniehus:matrix.orgmniehusdo You plan terrestrial field testing of the optics, and if so, what is planned ?14:54:41
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluI googled "adcs fluid dynamic actuators" (first time I heard of the concept) and found https://blogs.tu-berlin.de/space_tupex7/2019/10/20/pico-fluid-dynamic-actuator-pfda/, interesting! 14:54:42
@jdiez:matrix.orgjdiezyep, that is us :)14:55:39
@jdiez:matrix.orgjdiezwe will have a little presentation and demo tomorrow in room 2 at 16:2414:56:06
@uvigo_spacelab:matrix.orguvigo_spacelabour website is uvigospacelab.space , Thank you all so much!14:57:02
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanThx a lot, good luck with the project!14:57:48
@mniehus:matrix.orgmniehusRedacted or Malformed Event14:58:40
@mniehus:matrix.orgmniehusyea sound is ok15:46:04
@fernando.martin:matrix.orgfernando.martinvirtualenv python -m venv15:52:03
@pierros_x:matrix.orgpierroswe are following!15:58:59
@pierros_x:matrix.orgpierrosall good15:59:01
@pierros_x:matrix.orgpierros Excellent POC work Artur Scholz , we would love to take on a C implementation for our space segments ;) 16:06:13
@devanshujha7:matrix.orgdevanshujha7 joined the room.16:11:19
@mniehus:matrix.orgmniehusgreat tutorial. this is point-to-point only, or possible to link/use protocol in some network ? 16:11:21
@mniehus:matrix.orgmniehushow would low quality communication channel impact and show up ?16:16:16
@mniehus:matrix.orgmniehusthanks !16:19:54
@sawjan:matrix.orgsawjanis there a chance to join bbb room 2? missed the registration 🤔16:24:31
@fredy:matrix.orgfredy sawjan: have you tried to join? 16:24:54
@fredy:matrix.orgfredy sawjan: I think you can join 16:25:13
@fredy:matrix.orgfredylet me know if not16:25:18
@fernando.martin:matrix.orgfernando.martin fredy: people in youtube is also asking if there are access codes available 16:25:50
@fernando.martin:matrix.orgfernando.martin * fredy: people in youtube is also asking if there are access codes available 16:26:05
@fredy:matrix.orgfredyI think access codes weren't needed anymore... do they?16:26:23
@fernando.martin:matrix.orgfernando.martinI do not know16:26:34
@fernando.martin:matrix.orgfernando.martincan I tell them to try to join the room?16:26:47
@elkos:matrix.orgelkos Artur Scholz: 16:26:47
@fredy:matrix.orgfredyplease check here https://srv22112.dus4.fastwebserver.de/b/art-eeb-fbq-0sy16:26:51
@fredy:matrix.orgfredyand let me know16:27:06

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