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1 Jun 2023
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In reply to @ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.net
Maybe someone in the group can help me. If I have roughly zero experience in coding. What are the resources or tools that would help me to become a GrapheneOS or Android developer . Right now I’m doing there freeCodeCamp curriculum. I was told one good resource is https://developer.android.com/courses .
You should ask in #offtopic:grapheneos.org, not here
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanRedacted or Malformed Event05:44:24
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanI asked in off topic then was directed here btw06:54:39
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryan Ok I think I understand. Pick an issue on GitHub and work on it? 07:32:07
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy! ryan: We generally try to only leave issues up whch are actionable and desirable 07:34:04
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!So that approach can work07:34:10
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!However, it is probably best to still ask if working on something specific is something likely to be looked at and reviewed at a specific point in time07:34:37
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!What kind of thing are you looking to work on?07:34:42
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryan I have about zero coding experience 07:41:38
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanSo something simple07:41:44
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanBut something useful I’m looking at these https://github.com/GrapheneOS/os-issue-tracker/labels/priority-high07:43:09
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanSpecifically the duress password I think it’s doable there is an app that does this: https://github.com/x13a/Duress/blob/main/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml07:44:25
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanI don’t know I think a while loop or something? Once again I have about zero experience but my friend is a software engineer so maybe he can help me07:45:08
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!The duress feature already has a WIP PR made for it, which needs some cleanup and can likely be shipped at that point07:45:10
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!I think that if you're a beginner and want to start contributing, it likely makes sense to start out with simpler stuff and work your way up as you learn.07:45:52
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!Do you want to contribute to the OS or apps?07:46:05
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanDoesn’t really matter07:46:29
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!I'd recommend reading through https://grapheneos.org/build#development-guidelines as a start07:48:13
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!And depending on what you want to work on, look into the appropriate languages07:48:24
@matchboxbananasynergy:matrix.orgmatchboxbananasynergy!You'll likely need some practice/familiarity with them before you can work on something in GrapheneOS that would be accepted07:48:42
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryan There aren’t any “good first issues” at the moment 07:51:36
@ryanrambharose:arcticfoxes.netryanThis seems doable08:06:37
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