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19 May 2023
@choff:matrix.org@choff:matrix.org left the room.14:58:05
@_discord_766348036560912444:t2bot.ioMike (Performant Data)#4533 I wouldn't assume that first one is Scala, from the description. 22:52:17
20 May 2023
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 kali T I deleted one of your posts just now for having no obvious relation to Scala 18:15:10
22 May 2023
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418Redacted or Malformed Event06:55:02
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 I can't tell whether you're asking for positions for yourself, or because you're a recruiter, or consultant, ... 20:04:19
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 or whether you're offering jobs 20:04:33
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 also like 20:04:52
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 did those people you mentioned above consent to have their name, cv, and phone numbers shared and posted publicly? 20:05:39
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 it's fine to repeat this question once a month, as per channel topic, but not more often than that, please 20:53:23
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 * as per channel topic, you can repeat this question here once a month, but not more often than that, please 20:53:45
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 channel topic:

limit repeat posts to monthly, please
@_discord_968693487711174656:t2bot.ioCThompsonSignify Hey all! I have TWO FP Scala contract positions just opening up! One is US based, the other you can be based in any country as long as it is in US timezones 🙂

Position 1 - Scala, Cats, AWS - USA Only - 12 month contract
Working for a very well-known brand in the entertainment/media space (no, not Disney!), who are looking for strong engineers with skills in Scala, Cats and AWS (Kinesis, S3 etc). 12 month contract, great pay. This position is for US only, as the client would like the option to convert the contractor after the 12 month mark.

Position 2 - Scala, Cats - Remote from ANY USA TIMEZONE - 12 month contract
Working for a fintech company who are extremely bullet proof from the economy. They are looking for strong FP Scala engineers (they use Cats). This will be a 12 month contract, with the view to be a long term contractor. Great pay, and great team with a lot of FP contributors!

Message me ASAP via email: Chris.Thompson@signify-tech.com
23 May 2023
Can work in any timezone

Does that mean that you are willing to relocate or are you just looking for remote opportunities?
@_discord_154558903290560512:t2bot.ioJD557#8432 (I see in your CV that you are still studying, so I assume remote-only) 07:41:45
24 May 2023
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 do you have permission to share this person's contact information in public like this? 08:37:15
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 and if they're paying you to advertise the position does that also cover you saying they're toxic lol? 10:23:39
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 I'll also say that posting stuff like "I am reaching out to you regarding an amazing job opportunity suitable for your profile" just screams that people should not listen to you. You did not "reach out" with a job "suitable for your profile" if you post publicly on a server with hundreds or more of active people on it.

It makes you look bad and it makes the company you're hiring for look like that are inept because they hired you
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 yes 13:11:06
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 that's my point 13:11:08
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 it speaks to paying so little attention to what you're doing that you don't even proofread a message that's ~8 sentences long when you're being paid to represent a company 13:11:43
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 the fact that the company hired someone who chooses to represent them in this way says to me that the company doesn't know how to hire people who care about what they're doing, and probably are not good to work for 13:12:42
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 especially calling them toxic? like wtf - if you believe that, don't work for them.
And don't actively sabotage the client paying you
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 perhaps 13:13:19
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 in that case I have no idea what they're even posting here about 13:13:33
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 not a good look.. 13:13:56
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 if they're searching for a job themselves this is a great way to make the only thing people know about them be that they don't have communication skills, which really are the most important thing you can have as a developer beyond "don't write things so bad that you produce negative value" 13:15:08
@_discord_295204838936150018:t2bot.ioDaenyth#7233 I'll also say at this point that if this is the case it becomes extremely creepy to make a public post sharing a phone number that someone sent to you in a private message 13:16:14
@_discord_721474407935246456:t2bot.iosom-snytt In admin, you could request a channel jobs-water-cooler. 13:32:06
@_discord_583167330566275072:t2bot.ioSethTisue#7418 agree, this is really not appropriate 19:43:28
26 May 2023
@_discord_765137066207477781:t2bot.iopix3l#4889 [HIRING][Zurich, Switzerland, Scala, Onsite]

🏢 Credit Suisse, based in Zurich 🇨🇭 is looking for a Mid/Senior Full Stack Engineer

🔧 Tech used: Scala, Git, JSON, Java, Linux, Oracle, SQL, SVN, UML

💰 100’000 - 120’000 CHF / year

🔎 More details and option to apply: https://swissdevjobs.ch/jobs/Credit-Suisse-MidSenior-Full-Stack-Engineer/dgp

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