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[ c ] is a maintained fork of "matrix console", a multi-account capable Matrix client for Android, and this is its room. https://github.com/Matrixcoffee/matrix-c4 Servers

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19 Oct 2018
13:12:10@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
13:13:15@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee invited @coffee:disroot.orgDark Coffee.
13:13:21@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee invited @coffee:chat.weho.stKafo.
13:13:43@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeechanged room power levels.
13:13:55@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeechanged room power levels.
13:14:20@coffee:disroot.orgDark Coffee joined the room.
13:15:55@coffee:chat.weho.stKafo joined the room.
20 Oct 2018
15:17:34@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffee invited @gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications.
15:17:35@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications joined the room.

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