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4 Apr 2020

well im actually thinking about how to replace the foolfuuka stack now that I have time lol

03:44:50@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> <dscb_> <reunmotts> opal you can look into the Hydrus PTR
03:44:54@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> the hydrus ptr isnt danbooru
03:45:30@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> im asking for danbooru metadata to import into hydrus
03:45:41@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> i dont want some low-quality database to go off
03:46:07@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> plus i think some of the sibling relationships in the public ptr are obtuse
05:09:09@cyberculture:matrix.orgCyberculture where is our virtual plane? i spoilin' to do som radical terraforming/geoengineering
05:10:21@cyberculture:matrix.orgCybercultureare we gunna (big guns) repopulate teh planète with our gametes together like proper pansex mutants antoni..?
05:12:18@cyberculture:matrix.orgCyberculture just imagine thousands of tiny little antonizoon's productively tasking themselves with building upgrades for the great archives of the whole internet
05:15:15@cyberculture:matrix.orgCyberculture ahhh i see so texas man is the actual founder or admin god-emperor here i had thought it to be 'zoon ;x
07:36:49@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> dopefish: i upload my tags to a personal tag repo on my vps as a “backup”
07:37:08@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> as well as keep backups of the local db itself
07:38:21@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <opal> ugh e621’s site update fucked up everything
12:29:52@test:converser.eutest joined the room.
12:36:10@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoon https://i.redd.it/mnjqhpvdtpq41.jpg
12:36:44@quintuplicate:miniwa.spaceQuintuplicatehey antonizoon
In reply to @antonizoon:matrix.org
17:50:53@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoon level 5: "smokey the bear". your neighborhood is now on fire. You find a shovel because that is what you need in a fire
17:54:20@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefishLevel 6: You set the fire yourself to accelerate societal collapse and then buried an empty oil drum filled with guns in the woods.
17:55:02@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefish* Kek
17:55:42@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefish* Level 6: You set the fire yourself to accelerate societal collapse and then buried an empty oil drum filled with guns in the woods.
17:56:23@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefish Reeee Riot. I edited it by accident deleting the original comment. >_>
17:56:41@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefishHopefully Riot X will be the big improvement Matrix is making it out to be.
17:57:57@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefishIf you don’t already know at Chaos Communication Congress this year the Matrix guys made a big show of saying how much better the new Riot X replacement client is supposed to be compared to the existing Riot client. Apparently it’s a total rewrite.
17:58:14@dopefish:arcrealityinc.comDopefishIt’s in Beta on GitHub now, although I haven’t tried it yet.

good, the client side javascript was a mess


i just use nheko

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