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28 Sep 2020
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonNow Oracle bought Sun and because they are made of more lawywrs than programmers they started suing everyone who used Sun stuff to shit 19:23:32
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonThe fact that it is still going on now with various reversals and judgements either way really makes the future doubtful for cases like it.19:24:47
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedthey made it API compatible but not the same API? They used the same names and class hierarchy.19:27:26
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedand made a compatible API19:27:42
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonYeah otherwise its not a java language virtual machine, it would be incompatible.19:28:17
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedwhat about IcedTea?19:28:30
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonLike .NET C# by microsoft19:28:55
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedoh OpenJDK is GPL19:29:19
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonIts part of the official OpenJDK by Sun and then Oracle19:29:24
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedSo.. it's open source and Google can implement the API under the GPL19:29:51
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonWhen they do it themselves, theres nothing wrong19:29:53
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedit's under the GPL19:30:10
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedI can take it and use it the same it's GPL code.19:30:27
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonIts some twisted legal arguments, atop the source code and involving software patenrs not the gpl19:30:45
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonYou can see deeper in the litigation documents for how Oracle justified their offensive19:31:04
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonUltimately though, that company hires some of the top lawywrs in the world and arent above suing their own customers to shit too19:31:46
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonImagine: Oracle Tiktok19:34:00
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoon> If you want to make less than 10 tik toks, it's free. If you make between 10 and 12.3, it'll be a flat licensing fee of $100/viewer per month. If you make more than 12.3 but less than 10, then it's a variable rate of $6.99 per view dependent on whether or not the viewer has watched more or less than the total sum of their previous day's videos, divided by the day of the month [*not accounting for leap years, see section 76.5a for provisions on leap year months]*. Now unless you make more than 100 videos a week, you may be eligible for bulk video discounts bringing your total to $30 a video, but that depends on y our user having either more or less than the sum total of views belonging to what we call the 'easy licensing method' a quick formula that neither you nor Oracle will ever understand, but will be invoiced according to the provisions in section 87.45c of the outlined agreements.19:34:08
@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedwell they have worked on it a long time, I'm sure they have spent hundreds of millions in legal expenses opn both sides19:39:04
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonhttps://i.redd.it/vv1vkujz9qp51.jpg The worst conventions and competitions to go to are magic the gathering and super smash bros competitions21:09:10
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <renz> this is what you could be archiving 23:09:09
29 Sep 2020
@bayst:matrix.orgbaystbut who will audit the tik-tokers00:51:32

doesn't matter, got demographic data



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@trusted:matrix.orgtrustedso have you taken two bottles of benadryl yet?09:06:35

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