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16 Apr 2021
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonAnyway to be banned from a fiat platform often has serious negative implications22:19:49
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonThis is not really the kind of thing to put a family on the line for.22:20:08
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonAlso to comply with tax regulations and oppose litigation, when fiat gets collected a nonprofit organization may have to be formed for limited liability 22:22:09
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonThat costs hundreds of dollars at minimum...22:22:28
@_discordpuppet__111647516910440448:matrix.netho.tkJCVyeahh I know some people that learned the hard way on that one22:22:41
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonSo the reason the site and other admins sites of this kind dont have ads is related to that22:23:52
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonHandling fiat, like cash, has extra costs and risks22:24:03
@_discordpuppet__111647516910440448:matrix.netho.tkJCVbut how else am I gonna donno to you22:34:07
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonIs it so hard to get some ethereum22:34:33
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonCoinbase just got its IPO and the us treasury issued a directive that banks are not allowed to discriminate against cryptocurrency users22:35:42
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonI guess if we think about it the burden of KYC in fiat conversion is passed on to the user, whereas in pure fiat payments the reciever bears the burden22:38:19
@wan_ta_shi_tong:matrix.orgwan_ta_shi_tongwait, Im a protected class as a crypto user?23:32:43
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> hello antonizoon 23:57:45
17 Apr 2021
@_discordpuppet__391892482385772566:matrix.netho.tkQuintuplicateConfederation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTdWQAKzESA 00:58:19
@trishula:matrix.orgSuika antonizoon, ctrl-s if you want to contact amf you probably should create an issue, works faster than waiting. 01:06:27
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-Sthere are way too few money sending companies; like basically what four credit card backend companies now?02:55:48
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonTheyre integrating some blockchain tech so theyre sure to continue forward as is02:56:22
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonNow what i wonder is china and japan have unionpay and jcb02:56:51
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonEurope and Australia dont have an equivalent? 02:57:01
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-SWhy cant I use Aus-paypal-equivalent instead of paypal, or the same for a credit/debit card? There should be at minimum one provider per state per country02:57:22
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonWell did anyone make one02:57:37
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-SKinda hard to get your foot in the door02:57:49
@antonizoon:matrix.netho.tkantonizoonYeah and in China its just wechat pay and alipay02:58:06
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-SI remember there was a BUNCH of shennanigans with patreon and the payment processors where they were making deals to stop competitors to patreon being able to pop up02:58:29
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-S If Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx shitlst you, you're kinda super fucked 02:59:12
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-SBecause wire transfers are a nightmare even for people whose job is literally to work with them.03:00:24
@_discordpuppet__162040493490831360:matrix.netho.tkCtrl-SFinance sucks.03:01:20
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> what is jcb 03:11:10

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