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2 Jul 2020
@quintuplicate:miniwa.spaceQuintuplicatei'd love to gut the guy that caused it to fall07:52:09
@fruit_salad:midov.plfruit_saladWell lainchan is still around07:57:43
@iodine:halogen.cityiodinethere was an incident?07:58:02
@iodine:halogen.cityiodinei figure arisu was just bored or something07:58:12
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineor that it wasn't very active07:58:29
@quintuplicate:miniwa.spaceQuintuplicatethey said "fuck it. rip arisuchan."08:00:23
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> Quintuplicate, arisuchan died about a week and a half after I started scraping it and a dozen other altchans 09:51:49
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> I still had my scraper tuned to 4chan, so I really hope I didn’t accidentally dos attack arisuchan with it 09:52:31
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> I can send you the last 800MB from it at some point 09:53:46
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> I didn’t see any announcement saying why they went down, so I’m really sorry if it was my fault 09:55:31
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> (800MB is my entire arisuchan folder, Dec 15-26) 09:58:07
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> halbeno, i was never saying it was my fault 10:35:16
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> your* 10:36:23
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> so yeah if you want to send me it feel free 10:36:35
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> however my only computer is a surface 10:36:44
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> and it has about 30 GB of free space 10:36:51
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> Quintuplicate, it seemed like too much of a coincidence with that timing 10:53:28
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> I still have no idea why it went down. CP? DDOS? Personal issues? 10:53:59
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> I only realized that I was scraping too hard when balkanchan blocked me by user-agent later 10:54:37
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <halbeno> antonizoon, any chance you could link me to whatever you’re using to check for CP before I upload this? 11:00:05
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> well i mean 11:00:07
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> the site didn’t just show up as white as it would have because of a DOS 11:00:21
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Quintuplicate> the owner, whether out of their own will or duress, shut the site down 11:00:46
@odthvid:matrix.orgodthvid joined the room.16:05:49
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonHalbeno: Unless there were boards explicitly on the topic i doubt that you would have the offending content as it was a public site. theres nothing i can use to scan like that, because litigants tell us exactly what they want removed when they see it. Microsoft PhotoDNA requires special registration.16:23:19
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Ctrl-S> GLOW 17:12:57
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Ctrl-S> btw got a decent chunk of that thing you told me to do slapped together, named it ia2gd 17:13:38
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Legion> yeahm the lack of an archiver of 8chan specially for boards like /hgg/ /hgt/ and /monster/ and such really was a big hit 18:45:41
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Legion> since alot of devs used to come out of /hgg/ and /htg/ from ideas born there too or just a place where they kind start ironing out the core concept of a game or story 18:46:38
@fritz:tchncs.defritz 19:26:06

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