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26 Jan 2021
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sI'm not sure there's been much research in the last decade, last I read was about laser printers rather than inkjests which are ubiquitous.03:12:46
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sThey're basically linux /bsd ARM boxes now AFAIK?03:13:19
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizooni have to say, fuck printers03:13:36
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonworst invention of mankind03:13:40
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sI like being able to scan my drawings, and print out stuff to work on physically.03:14:04
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sSo I'll hang onto my MFC printer.03:14:21
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonid say get a wacom tablet or samsung/thinkpad tablet and go paperless03:14:32
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sI do kinda want to pwn it though.03:14:37
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonits what japanese anime artists do03:14:43
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sYeah, those articles are from 200x, and it's 202x now03:15:35
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sI wonder if there are cleverer tricks they use, like altering the pixels with the data they want to hide, using a slight shift in color intensity by working in CMYK pixels instead of mono-ink-color subpixels03:17:37
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-sI might get a new tablet sometime, I'd have to spend time reading on what is good though, but the ones with a screen might be affordable now.03:20:17
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonthe thinkpad x220 is great for drawing03:21:26
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonand doubles as a coreboot machine03:21:31
@ctrl-s:matrix.orgctrl-spost-lenovo thinkpads are good again?03:22:01
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizooni mean they were always made in china since 200503:22:15
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonhonestly, lenovo had improved the design, and at least it didn't die with IBM03:22:36
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonprobably the same will happen with lg smartphones. they will become the pride and joy of vietnam03:23:05
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <QuintuplicateConfederation> i have a 2018 thinkpad 04:19:04
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <p0wer0n> so do i 04:31:39
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <p0wer0n> T480 04:31:43
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <p0wer0n> god wtf ive been in this channel for 4 years 04:32:01
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonWeve learned a lot since, and your azure credit was fundamental to early archival04:33:15
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <p0wer0n> i have taken many breaks, but one thing that is certain is “you’re here forever” 04:36:00
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <p0wer0n> I have accumulated more than 500GB of 4chan data probably at this point 04:36:59
@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <p0wer0n> And have spent more time archiving content than actually looking at it 04:37:54
@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonCheck pm04:38:13

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