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12 Dec 2019
17:06:59@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Suika> but on home system couldn’t be bothered
17:07:02@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonLxc is the top level tech, its still going to be docker like
17:07:09@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoon(underlying tech)
17:07:11@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonBut yeah red hat and centos will use plain old kubernetes packaged by openshift
17:07:29@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonSo there will not be platform differences there. even ibm mainframes use kubernetes
19:15:13@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Legion> great
19:15:18@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Legion> youtube started purging already
19:15:32@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Legion> idubbbz got already a video if not more delet
19:15:51@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <Legion> and Im busy as shit to open up a vps and start download shit now
19:17:20@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonur all fukt
19:17:25@soberx:matrix.orgsoberx (Shiimizu)lxd looks cool
19:24:51@soberx:matrix.orgsoberx (Shiimizu)I guess 8chan is back? 8kun.top
19:27:40@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonI guess its ddos time
20:14:00@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <DosAmp> They manage to fuck themselves over pretty much on their own, and boards are getting recovered at a snail’s pace. There’s still no /tech/, for example.
20:42:18@ZizzyDizzyMC:matrix.orgZizzyDizzyMCBoard OPs have to email and request a restore
20:42:27@ZizzyDizzyMC:matrix.orgZizzyDizzyMCotherwise they won't be restored
21:03:43@bigbillwilson:matrix.orgbigbillwilsonWhy did they change the name
21:31:24@ZizzyDizzyMC:matrix.orgZizzyDizzyMCTheir domain hosts keep pulling the plug
21:31:31@ZizzyDizzyMC:matrix.orgZizzyDizzyMCthe DNS providers / domain name providers
21:31:41@ZizzyDizzyMC:matrix.orgZizzyDizzyMC.top is most likely just a proxy to the onion service
21:31:52@ZizzyDizzyMC:matrix.orgZizzyDizzyMCand when this gets struck down they'll release another .tld
21:33:50@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <DosAmp> they’re using a bulletproof-ish russian hoster and a HK registrar (www.now.top) now
21:34:26@itabashi:matrix.orgitabashi <DosAmp> combined with an annoying client-side anti-DDoS that just decrypts random data with a given AES key
22:47:55@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonMaybe its time for the dsrknet to go mainstream ?
22:55:27@battlewindow:matrix.orgbattlewindowThe darknet is pretty interesting it has some illicit things.
22:55:58@battlewindow:matrix.orgbattlewindowBbs and anon trading posts
23:18:45@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoon The issue is its not the darknet if it comes to light
23:19:45@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonThe winning feature of 4chan is its critical mass rather than much other key features
23:20:29@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonWhich is what you generally dont want in a darknet community so they never grow big
23:21:52@antonizoon:matrix.organtonizoonMore like a private tracker rather than a major community

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