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26 Sep 2018
19:52:35@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinbossBut let me inform y’all of something serious real quick...
19:53:16@cyber-kitty:matrix.orgcyber-kittyOMG what?

I’m on a search & rescue right now. With my job, we are on day 5 of an intense search and rescue of a 6 year old autistic little boy who is non-verbal and has been missing since Saturday. I’ve been so over tired and truly exhausted on top of my daily life outside of this. The past 5 days have been sad and horrible and it’s only getting worse.

As I type this, I’m sitting outside of the lake they drained to see if we can find him. Yesterday, I was in and out of dumpsters and trash cans looking everywhere. It’s sad.

If y’all want to see the case; search in Google “Missing 6 year old boy in Gastonia, NC”

19:54:38@cyber-kitty:matrix.orgcyber-kitty I saw that on the news. Every parents worst nightmare
19:54:53@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss It’s absolutely horrible.
19:55:27@banproof:matrix.orgbanproof Oh my god I can’t even imagine
19:55:28@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss Dad is far from innocent, that’s truly my opinion. But we are holding a press conference in 5 minutes for the public.
19:55:40@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinbossI would be horribly devastated.
19:56:19@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss Dad can’t speak to local police in a press conference but he can go on People Magazine and Good Morning America and speak. Smh doesn’t add up.
19:56:43@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss I’ve been so sick over this but it’s part of my job so I’ve got to do what I can to bring this boy home.
19:57:23@cyber-kitty:matrix.orgcyber-kitty That is what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey case. The whole world thought the parents did it. They were wrong.
19:57:40@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss Dad’s stories DO NOT in the least bit add up at all. He didn’t even call police to report him missing. The park called police an hour later. Smh
19:58:09@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss We are about to have a severe thunder storm and we are still out here searching, rain or shine.
19:58:10@cyber-kitty:matrix.orgcyber-kittyBut is my child was missing I would be co-operating with the police
19:58:23@cyber-kitty:matrix.orgcyber-kitty Don’t stop
19:58:30@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss Dad isn’t being too cooperative. Mom is but dad isn’t.
19:58:42@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss I won’t give up until the chief of police says we give up.
19:58:56@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss We have been working around the clock, sleeping on cots.
19:59:00@banproof:matrix.orgbanproofAnnie you awesome
19:59:25@cyber-kitty:matrix.orgcyber-kitty Terrifying. Please bring that little angel home safely.
19:59:29@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss banproof: thanks! It’s just my heart to do this.
19:59:52@banproof:matrix.orgbanproofIf it was someone in my town I’d be out there for sure
20:00:26@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinbosscyber-kitty: I will do all in my power to bring this little man home where he belongs. It took me 17 hours on the last search 2 years ago, this one is just taking a little longer 😭
20:01:07@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss I got to go. Press conference starts.
20:39:44@realbadrobot:matrix.orgrealbadrobothi annie
20:58:47@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinboss Hey raidboss!
20:59:00@imafkkinboss:matrix.orgimafkkinbossrealbadrobot: 😍

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