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11 Jan 2020
19:15:50@astatek:matrix.orgastatekhi little question for jellyfin-server
19:16:59@astatek:matrix.orgastateki shedule task for update give me error
19:18:30@astatek:matrix.orgastatekfor plugguin update
20:01:32@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoJohn: So it looks like it can’t open the port needed on your HDHomeRun. Is there anything else communicating with it/using it at the same time?
20:01:49@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavadoastatek: Are you able to view the plugin catalog or no?
12 Jan 2020
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13 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020
10:01:25@wlckd:matrix.orgWicked joined the room.
10:04:02@wlckd:matrix.orgWickedResuming/seeking is not working for me, I'm using the docker container. I have not had a server for a while, but i remember a while back getting the same symptom due to the version of ffmpeg being used, when i was running on bare metal; but i presume that the docker container would not have this issue. Any idea on whats causing this/how to fix?
11:22:12@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManSystem architecture?
11:22:27@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManI think we are shipping outdated ffmpeg in some arm containers
11:53:34@wlckd:matrix.orgWickedx86_64, on an arch host.
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15 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
02:48:35@tapedriveforever:matrix.orgtapedriveforeverHello again guys, I just wanted to thank you guys for all your help. I was able to fix the volley error that I was having. It turns out it was a issue with a scheduled tasks getting stuck in a infinite loop after it finishes, So someone show me a way to have the task run for a certain amount of time after which it kills the task. It has been 4 days without issue. Thank you guys again!
11:05:17@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoWhich task? Lol
17 Jan 2020
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18 Jan 2020
18:42:36@olskar:matrix.orgolskarIs the fact that the choosen theme for a user not being saved a known bug (and perhaps already fixed in 10.5.0)?
18:46:34@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManNever heard of it
18:50:42@olskar:matrix.orgolskar JustAMan: im thinking it perhaps might be https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-web/pull/688 but not sure
19 Jan 2020
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In reply to @anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.ca
Which task? Lol
The task was the refresh guide. In the logs it would say it has finished but in the GUI it would show it is still going on.
20 Jan 2020
22:20:44@phild41:matrix.orgphild41 joined the room.
22:22:48@phild41:matrix.orgphild41I just installed the server on Linux Mint 19.3. Very easy to install and setup. However, it doesn't show files in my different music libraries. The files do show up if I browse to the folder instead of the library. These are just MP3s ripped from my own CDs. Am I missing something somewhere? They do have mp3 tag information in the files.
22:35:38@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavado phild41: It may be an organization issue. How are the files stored on your system?
22:35:42@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoWe have some examples here: https://jellyfin.org/docs/general/server/media/music.html
21 Jan 2020
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