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29 Jul 2018
00:05:03@sentinelx101:matrix.orgSentinelX101 changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
1 Aug 2018
18:10:13@tsa-bot:matrix.orgtsa-bot @SentinelX101 posted in All the Mods 3 Minecraft Server - Launch Weekend
Our new All the Mods 3 Minecraft server has been created and will be opened Friday evening at around 7PM. See the server post for more info. Oh and click here to view the world map, it’s pretty cool [image]
3 Aug 2018
23:21:49@DelSCORCHO:matrix.orgDelSCORCHO joined the room.
26 Aug 2018
14:15:04@tsa-bot:matrix.orgtsa-bot @SentinelX101 posted in Let's play some Space Engineers, finally!
A lot of us have Space Enginners so lets play it, if you don’t have it now is the perfect time to get it! I’ll be starting up a PVE private server for us at 4PM, idea is that we all work mostly together, starting out on a planet where we’ll be sheltered from the more aggressive AIs, then venture out to construct an asteroid base and fight to defend it. I’ve installed a few mods on the server to ...
15 Sep 2018
13:08:22@tsa-bot:matrix.orgtsa-bot @SentinelX101 posted in Space Engineers: Breaking Atomsphere
Until now we’ve been stuck on the surface of a single planet with the ultimate goal of going into space, today at 5PM we achive that goal… or die trying! Come on and join us on Teamspeak as we attempt to break atmosphere in 1x fully equipped space-ready TSA starship and 1x backup-plan space toaster. More mods have been added to the server, recommend you all download them ahead of times to help ...

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