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10 May 2021
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> they're the same programs, different base 21:13:58
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> ah well 21:13:59
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> but would it be possible to use both? 21:14:16
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> yes, but there isn't a point in doing so. things would likely break because the nix version contain some patches to make things work on nix 21:15:01
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> like combining the arch version of instantutils and the nix version of instantsettings is probably a bad idea 21:15:24
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> ah I see so could you also can get rid of pacman on arch and replace it with apt? 21:16:21
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> yes 21:16:43
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> (but also please don't) 21:16:49
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> Would be funny to test on a wm 21:17:04
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> *vm ? 21:17:28
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> you could possibly learn a lot about package managers 21:17:36
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> ah well yes XD 21:17:42
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <paperbenni> hm, not really sure what's there to learn tbh. the packaging process itself is usually better for learning 21:18:17
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Konradrundfunk> true bot you can see the differences between thoose two 21:18:46
12 May 2021
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [telegram] <Telegram> Forwarded from unknown: This is perfect for me
For a long time, I have been looking for a distro like this, something that doesn't need me to install basic stuff like Xorg and pulse audio, something that is made for power users and still works out of the box. Thank you instant os devs who made this possible.
Submitted May 12, 2021 at 07:15AM by lone_shell_script
via reddit https://ift.tt/33D0S54
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [telegram] <cemunal> any date for stable release 1.0 ? 12:50:30
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Pebor> Not really, still a lot of things that need to be done, checkout the todo: https://github.com/instantOS/instantOS/projects/1 12:53:52
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos[telegram] <cemunal> thanks i see :( but really good project :) thanks for developing @paperbenni and all the others.13:00:16
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <con-f-use> seems to me, there will be at least 5 more betas before a stable 13:00:17
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [telegram] <cemunal> * thanks i see :( but really good project :) thanks for developing @paperbenni and all the others. 13:00:43
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <con-f-use> but I use instantOS as my daily already and it's actually more stable than other distros I've used 13:00:55
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [telegram] <cemunal> i am always hopping to other and i don't like this :( how to stop? 13:03:06
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [telegram] <cemunal> any idea or help? 13:03:23
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <con-f-use> "to other" what? 13:22:06
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Kopamed> InstantOS is stable af and only has a few minor bugs 14:35:18
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Kopamed> You won’t stop until you find a distro that’s perfect for you. That’s what happened to me 14:36:06
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Kopamed> I never really knew what a distro should have that would make me sry with it long term 14:36:29
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Kopamed> Until I actually tried and used it 14:36:42
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [discord] <Kopamed> InstantOS in my case 14:36:49
@instantos:matrix.orginstantos [telegram] <cemunal> all developers i mean; sorry. (re @instantOS_bot: [discord] "to other" what?) 16:07:22

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