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20 Mar 2018
13:58:15@Biep:matrix.orgBiep invited @limacass:matrix.org@limacass:matrix.org.
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21 Mar 2018
14:48:49@Biep:matrix.orgBiepHi Cássia! Welcome!
22 Mar 2018
19:38:38@limacass:matrix.org@limacass:matrix.orgThank you ^^
23 Mar 2018
16:02:25@Biep:matrix.orgBiep invited @littlelizard:matrix.orgLittle Lizard.
17:42:20@Biep:matrix.orgBiepTest your synesthesia - synesthetic people tend to hear the bump when the pylon hits the earth: https://twitter.com/IamHappyToast/status/937598143277010944/photo/1
24 Mar 2018
13:03:20@littlelizard:matrix.orgLittle Lizard joined the room.
9 Apr 2018
16:18:58@limacass:matrix.org@limacass:matrix.org removed their display name limacass.
28 Apr 2018
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15 Jul 2018
08:56:46@Biep:matrix.orgBiep invited @pingping:matrix.orgPing Ping.
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08:58:22@Biep:matrix.orgBiepIf you closed the pad, you can now return to our room and reopen it. Otherwise, go back, close it, come here again, go back again, and reopen it. I hope it will help!
08:58:27@pingping:matrix.orgPing Ping😊
08:58:45@pingping:matrix.orgPing PingOk
09:00:59@Biep:matrix.orgBiepThis is a more public, and non-encrypted, room. As you can see at the right, there is a whole bunch of people who can read what is written here.
09:01:37@pingping:matrix.orgPing PingI see
09:03:34@Biep:matrix.orgBiepThere is not much activity here, but the goal of this room is to talk about how we can know our faith is correct - how we can know, and show others, that Christ is the true Way, Truth, and Life.
09:08:44@pingping:matrix.orgPing PingOk. Thank you.
17 Jul 2018
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30 Jul 2018
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10 Aug 2018
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13 Aug 2018
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21 Jan 2019
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