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14 Jan 2021
@auronandace:matrix.orgauronandaceit might be worth booting into windows and altering how it shuts down. by default it will hibernate rather than actually shut down which makes mounting partitions in other OS's read only. you'll want to disable any sort of quick start settings in Windows.10:07:54
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@sunface:matrix.orgSf.(-*-)*Es sind alle gerne auch in die Deutsche Qubes OS Gruppe eingeladen #qubesos.deutsch:matrix.org 😊19:16:15
@sunface:matrix.orgSf.(-*-)* * Es sind alle gerne auch in die Deutsche Qubes OS Gruppe eingeladen #qubesos.deutsch:matrix.org 😊19:22:07
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15 Jan 2021
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@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyhttps://autotuxlinux.com/ imagine installing this when you have something important on the pc03:45:08
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyI did not do that! Never do that! It is meant for deployment. IT WILL FORMAT EVERYTHING!03:48:24
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16 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021
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