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24 Mar 2023
@jack_saltman:matrix.orgjack_saltmanOf course, this assumes that you can somehow assign individual items to these new menu items.21:27:22
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25 Mar 2023
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@tilman.v:atteroth.deTilman [🦔-dev]PXL_20230325_082517396.jpg
Download PXL_20230325_082517396.jpg
@tilman.v:atteroth.deTilman [🦔-dev]This weekend we're working eagerly on the HedgeDoc 2 Alpha 108:26:46
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@transcaffeine:finallycoffee.euJohanna Dorothea Reichmann
In reply to @tilman.v:atteroth.de
sent an image.
Where's that? 👀
@davebloggt:kif.rocksDavid MehrenSomewhere with a Fahrgastinformationsanlage 😆15:44:52
@tilman.v:atteroth.deTilman [🦔-dev]dw. we're not working at a train station lol15:45:22
@tilman.v:atteroth.deTilman [🦔-dev] * dw. we're not working at a train station 😋15:45:28
@transcaffeine:finallycoffee.euJohanna Dorothea ReichmannBut is it actually real or just a montage? :D15:57:24
@erik:michelson.euErik [🦔-dev]
In reply to @transcaffeine:finallycoffee.eu
But is it actually real or just a montage? :D
It's a test device
@transcaffeine:finallycoffee.euJohanna Dorothea ReichmannLooks pretty real15:57:38
@transcaffeine:finallycoffee.euJohanna Dorothea Reichmann
In reply to @erik:michelson.eu
It's a test device
oh, where? on a public platform or..?
@erik:michelson.euErik [🦔-dev]So yes real but for testing the hardware/software15:57:58
@davebloggt:kif.rocksDavid MehrenMy employer sponsored the office for the weekend, we do train-related stuff and so have our own FIA16:00:07
@transcaffeine:finallycoffee.euJohanna Dorothea ReichmannAh, cool!16:00:22
26 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
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28 Mar 2023
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29 Mar 2023
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30 Mar 2023
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