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16 Aug 2021
@grynet:matrix.org@grynet:matrix.org set a profile picture.18:59:44
@grynet:matrix.org@grynet:matrix.org changed their display name from grynet to Grynet.18:59:45
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17 Aug 2021
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@c281x:matrix.org@c281x:matrix.org changed their display name from C281X to C2 (they/them) BLM | ACAB.22:17:50
18 Aug 2021
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@hermyy:matrix.orgpp2big changed their display name from hermyy to pp2big.07:17:06
20 Aug 2021
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21 Aug 2021
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22 Aug 2021
@pollyqod:matrix.orgPollyQod changed their display name from pollyq od to PollyQod.18:56:38
@pollyqod:matrix.orgPollyQod set a profile picture.18:56:46
24 Aug 2021
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26 Aug 2021
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28 Aug 2021
@dest0:matrix.orgN1ni0 changed their display name from Panagiotis Peter Caushi to N1ni0.13:27:34
@dest0:matrix.orgN1ni0 set a profile picture.13:28:08
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3 Sep 2021
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12 Sep 2021
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19 Sep 2021
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23 Sep 2021
@proxorek:matrix.orgproxorek changed their profile picture.18:45:49
14 Oct 2021
@elementalu:matrix.orgelementalu joined the room.20:20:00
13 Nov 2021
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