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4 Jun 2020
08:28:49@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32my wife uses manjaro :) but i use endeavouros
08:29:18@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32actuazlly laptop is enos bus this pc is a Enos-A-like :p
08:32:09@freenode_knerten1:matrix.orgknerten1are therebig differences between manjaro and eos
08:32:32@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32manjaro is way less arch
08:32:49@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32 using own repo's also the hardware framework
08:33:19@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32framework makes a bit less flexible unless they put supported stuf in it
08:33:32@freenode_knerten1:matrix.orgknerten1and do you feel that in practise?
08:34:33@freenode_knerten1:matrix.orgknerten1when runningprograms
08:40:13@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32pff dificult to say, but cufrrently thay want to put there self as a desktop os in a way.. also do selling hardware like it , i know is to have funds also has also its bad thing
08:41:03@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32sure it does bug tracking to arch but does bug tracking mostly arch-stable packages
08:44:16@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32whats good or bad i dont know actually :)
08:44:28@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32but on kernels sure a bloath on development
08:44:43@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32why 8 kernels keep a life , 4 is sufficient
09:48:22@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32 personal for hardware support is 4 best :p 1 linux-legacy for some older machines linux-lts linux linux-next and yes you can test on the next the hardware deeper and support recent & stable on the main kernel offcourse but thats isnt lol
16:43:09@freenode_Aph3x-WL_:matrix.orgAph3x-WL_ joined the room.
16:43:09@freenode_Aph3x-WL_:matrix.orgAph3x-WL_how can you let her use manjaro ringo32 D:
18:17:56@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32Aph3x-WL, :)
18:18:04@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32woman :p
18:43:48@hitchhooker:matrix.orghitchhookeranybody knows how to add more keyboard languages in Deepin endeavourOS? or where the location for the available languages
18:44:13@hitchhooker:matrix.orghitchhookerSeem like if I want the OS in english it gives only English keyboard options.
18:44:49@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32in deepin idk
18:45:34@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32in fancy desktops should see some keyboard setings?
18:45:41@hitchhooker:matrix.orghitchhookercant be solved with default gui
18:46:37@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32or you have to look intoo systemic nature , localectl
18:47:37@hitchhooker:matrix.orghitchhookeri have aliases to change language through terminal but yeah once you have one of these fancy DEs, would be nice to use its features like hotkeys to change keyboard language
18:48:29@freenode_ringo32:matrix.orgringo32localectl can set keymaps
18:49:58@hitchhooker:matrix.orghitchhookerah okay. Seems like options demanded me to add language first as secondary system language to be available in keyboard langs. problem solved o/
6 Jun 2020

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