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30 Sep 2020
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoi dont use pamac ether have my own preference09:47:08
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringopamac uses libalmp , libalmp is the core of pacman09:47:21
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringobut stil, prefer a stable packagemanager :)09:47:30
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoand for aur i want more controle eventually09:47:43
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org ringo: Should I read the Arch news before installing updates ? How frequently should I update my system ? 09:48:47
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringowith pamac you must keep a eye if vala got updated etc :) because it should be rebuilded on a point09:48:47
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoyou can wait for the updates depend what updated09:49:13
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringof you see kernel updates or systemd grub you can wait for few days longer if you feel might needed09:49:42
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoyou dont have to headon to update09:49:50
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringosome update on wednesdays and saturday depend on time09:50:08
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org ringo: I am using Linux Mint at the moment & I install updates as soon as they are offered. 09:50:36
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoeven you can stil be updated after 2 weeks, but general is how longer you wait you dont know exact what the issue can be09:50:39
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoyou dont have to update straight away..09:50:57
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoLinuxMint Lts update is also different then arch once09:51:16
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringothey patched some holes probably09:51:57
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringois not complete new releases 09:52:09
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.orgGot it09:52:28
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoArch news is good to read because some changes might be needed depend if you use it or is a general writing09:52:47
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoArch is basicly all about knowing your system a bit09:53:02
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringobut does not mather you dont have to know09:53:30
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringohah , but i might know you rambo :p09:53:49
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoon manjaro there was a user Rambo on irc ..09:54:07
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.orgDownload is almost complete .... Will be back from endeavouros09:54:27
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org ringo: Yes I am that Rambo ...Good to talk to you again 09:54:54
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.orgOkay download is complete .... time to install .... Will be back soon09:55:56
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringoi am forgotten at manjaro i think :)09:55:59
@ringoX128:matrix.orgringosee ya soon :)09:56:03
@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org@freenode_john_rambo:matrix.org left the room.10:56:14

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