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16 Jan 2020
10:11:29@freenode_MiVo:matrix.orgMiVoGreetings, what does the [m] mean after nickname ? Just curious :)
10:12:50@thomas:social.zell-mbc.comthomasI don't see any m's ?
10:36:55@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE MiVo: that means it is a Matrix user bridged with the IRC channel
10:37:30@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE thomas: because you are a Matrix user 😉
10:37:59@freenode_MiVo:matrix.orgMiVoah, ok, thanks
17:57:33@freenode_Aph3x-WL:matrix.orgAph3x-WL matrix users can't see the m?
19:05:43@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEEAph3x-WL: only in the case if they are in another matrix room that is also bridged with the irc channel.
19:06:11@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE* Aph3x-WL: only in the case if they are in another matrix room that is also bridged with the irc channel.
20:22:07@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE Aph3x-WL: yes, matrix user can not see the m.
20:23:50@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEEOnly from another matrix room, they can see it, if the room also bridged into the same irc channel
21:12:14@freenode_ringo:matrix.orgringoand bridging to telegram is possible ?
22:49:34@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEEI think yes
17 Jan 2020
10:44:46@freenode_ringo:matrix.orgringo BuZZ-dEE: if you find method, dont do it right away, notify it we bridge it from there when green light pass .. as the mood calmed down, currently is busy times for bryan.
10:48:11@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE ringo: i don't do it 😉 also i think a telegramm has to allow it, as you had for IRC
10:50:02@freenode_ringo:matrix.orgringoantergos had a bridge to irc.. was written in php too much work i dont know php :) there was a bridge in the aur i wanted to install with my pi , but somehow it didnt installed with the pi
10:50:35@freenode_ringo:matrix.orgringoand matrix is not irc is such modern mayby it bridge also better
17:12:28@freenode_ringo:matrix.orgringoa nice
18 Jan 2020
11:54:04@freenode_joekamprad:matrix.orgjoekamprad joined the room.
20 Jan 2020
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21 Jan 2020
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