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28 Oct 2020
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh liquidcooling with 3 fans and 3 2000 rpm fans. Makes a lot of noise haha. But that's no issue 13:30:39
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh Same goes for 3900x. Liquidcooling with 2 fans and 3 2000 rpm fans 13:31:40
@_discord_361197786466746380:corepaper.orgjardine#3889 very nice setup, i m thinked about liquid cooling, but stays conservative with scythe coolers πŸ™‚ 13:38:12
@_discord_478002729902538768:corepaper.orgI am Noob Damn, i wish I was a nerd like you guys. 13:42:24
@_discord_747968377343180924:corepaper.orghrdwork_wrkhard I am Noob then you could change your name to I am Nerd 13:49:15
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ 14:03:49
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh A nerdy noob 14:04:09
@_discord_747968377343180924:corepaper.orghrdwork_wrkhard Sepkuh now we’re talking 14:07:06
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh Or... Noob goes Nerd 14:08:01
@_discord_478002729902538768:corepaper.orgI am Noob πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 14:15:26
29 Oct 2020
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus one question, according to announcement, proposal 13 was passed ( Proposal 13 is for set the block reward to 15KLP ), so mining reward is now 15 KLP right ? 04:04:53
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 duyyudus No, Referendum 13 was to enable the Gondoa runtime upgrade. 04:13:36
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 Proposal 13 concerns a block reward reduction 04:14:21
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 Proposals & Referendums are separate things, but a proposal, if it gains some support, can become a Referendum to be voted on by the community. 04:16:02
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus ah I see, it is a bit confused πŸ˜„ 04:16:29
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 It is confusing. 04:19:18
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 Even the explanation of governance in the wiki can be confusing but, if you want, you can always look over the polkadot/kusama explanations. I'll link to the Kusama one https://guide.kusama.network/docs/en/mirror-learn-governance 04:20:48
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus KLP definitely need better documentation 04:45:23
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus it has a lot of cool and unique concept about signed mining, decentralize pool... 04:45:40
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus I found no such thing on internet 04:45:55
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus it doesn't have a site for specific network stats either 04:47:01
@_discord_355549523117867009:corepaper.orgduyyudus * it doesn't have a site for specific network stats either 04:47:32
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 There is a Kulupu wiki page but it is admittedly a little thin 05:12:48
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 https://wiki.kulupu.network/Main_page 05:12:49
30 Oct 2020
@_discord_750844141939720192:corepaper.orgyolau#7115 changed their display name from yolau to yolau#7115.08:03:29
@_discord_493156020613414912:corepaper.orgSepkuh Nethash high again😒 😭 😭 😭 😭 18:03:38
31 Oct 2020
@_discord_655703137759395851:corepaper.orgfunfarooq Nethash it's masternodes it has nethash too 16:49:29
1 Nov 2020
@_discord_351443161396281356:corepaper.orgOrthoepy#3414 changed their display name from Orthoepy to Orthoepy#3414.00:52:32
@_discord_558847435011522611:corepaper.orgSY.Lai When my testnet node could be moving to mainnet since i have been running it for months. 03:52:01
@_discord_205688502250242048:corepaper.orgsgaragagghu What do you mean ? 06:47:32

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