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19 May 2018
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15 Jun 2018
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17 Jun 2018
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25 Jul 2018
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10 Aug 2018
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14 Aug 2018
17:01:52@jarmicols:matrix.orgjarmicols @benfletcher thanks for your work on the videos! I'm putting it out there to our nasa users and will let you know if there are ideas for future topics
23 Aug 2018
15:19:36@benfletcher:matrix.orgbenfletcher@jarmicols:matrix.org: sorry for the late reply, I missed your message. Thanks, I look forward to the feedback. I will be creating a few more soon when work/life stop getting in the way!
2 Oct 2018
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11 Oct 2018
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5 Nov 2018
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18 Nov 2018
16:01:15@gharbeia:matrix.org@gharbeia:matrix.org invited @uwe_a:matrix.orguwe_a.
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20 Nov 2018
02:45:41@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3 benfletcher benfletcher99 or anyone else object to me getting rid of the enterprisemediawiki.org server we created during EMWCon 2018? I've powered it down for now, hoping someone will speak up if they're actively using it. Before I delete it I'll make a backup file available to people.
02:58:41@bryandamon:matrix.orgbryandamonOK with me. 👌🏽
26 Nov 2018
21:56:39@benfletcher:matrix.orgbenfletcher jamesmontalvo3: I sadly haven't been working on it. However if one could be up and running for the Friday of SMWCon that could be useful as I will be holding a tutorial. Separately who can I speak to about Mezza, I would like to show the tutees it on the Friday and I wanted to clarify a few things.
27 Nov 2018
00:30:36@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3 I'd rather not keep paying for it. I can provide the dump files
00:34:24@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3Jump on the meza channel for any meza questions
01:19:33@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode jamesmontalvo3: maybe you could pay for it for one more month and let benfletcher reimburse you?
09:06:29@benfletcher:matrix.orgbenfletcher @jamesmontalvo3:matrix.org: fair enough, I didn't realise you were paying for it.
18:12:58@bryandamon:matrix.orgbryandamonI can host it if that helps? I can create a new meza instance and add your public key so you can migrate things.
18:17:17@jamesmontalvo3:matrix.orgjamesmontalvo3@bryandamon:matrix.org: works for me! Thanks!
18:38:08@bryandamon:matrix.orgbryandamonjamesmontalvo3 PM heading your way with a few questions
28 Nov 2018
16:40:30@benfletcher:matrix.orgbenfletcher@bryandamon:matrix.org: and @jamesmontalvo3:matrix.org thanks to you both.
16:42:09@benfletcher:matrix.orgbenfletcher What's the Meza room name searching globally for meza doesn't seem to work.
16:50:07@hexmode:matrix.orghexmode #mwstake-MEZA:matrix.org

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