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23 Jun 2020
@_discord_715589515623792730:koesters.xyzhendursaga OK. Because I tend to use diceware passwords 😛 16:34:03
@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz invited @_discord_137698555354808320:koesters.xyz_discord_137698555354808320.16:40:54
@_discord_451994765592887297:koesters.xyzWeightierharpy3 Either way you have to change the source code of the page to have a password longer than 20 chars 16:49:15
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] ... Apparently not. 17:04:51
@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz invited @_discord_257579224297111563:koesters.xyz_discord_257579224297111563.17:23:54
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] It appears to be fixed in the Iced branch for some reason though. 17:23:53
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] I thought we fixed that AGES back? 17:38:14
@_discord_451994765592887297:koesters.xyzWeightierharpy3 i think 18:10:53
@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz invited @_discord_467026064032661534:koesters.xyz_discord_467026064032661534.18:16:45
@_discord_451994765592887297:koesters.xyzWeightierharpy3 I had to modify my save to have it 18:40:02
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@_discord_99553876356661248:koesters.xyzThunderGalaxy [GMT-4] (EST) joined the room.19:14:34
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] Nice job! 20:33:21
@_discord_448573448956936192:koesters.xyzSharp [GMT +2] And as you can see I get a pretty decent framerate (for my machine) even with proper shadow mapping, which is nice since it means that it doesn't completely cancel out all the other optimizations I've been doing. 20:49:14
@_discord_171714139302002689:koesters.xyzPfau#4686 😮 21:57:45
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@_discord_171714139302002689:koesters.xyzPfau#4686 Can you push? 😄 22:45:26
@_discord_126396278610460672:koesters.xyzSnowram [GMT+2] How hard will it be to rebase all of this 😮 23:34:37
@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz invited @_discord_189803656600748032:koesters.xyz_discord_189803656600748032.23:45:20
24 Jun 2020
@_discord_448573448956936192:koesters.xyzSharp [GMT +2] Haha, it still needs work to get in shape 00:57:51
@_discord_448573448956936192:koesters.xyzSharp [GMT +2] It's a massive MR 00:58:20
@_discord_448573448956936192:koesters.xyzSharp [GMT +2] But let's say by the end of the week, hopefully it'll be able to be merged in (with the understanding that shadow mapping is going to be imperfect to start with) 01:04:27
@_discord_448573448956936192:koesters.xyzSharp [GMT +2] Slipped [GMT -4] Agreed, but I think it will be a lot easier to tweak that stuff if all the rest of the changes are in master and we can test it behind a config setting 01:34:56
@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz@_discord_bot:koesters.xyz invited @_discord_261829714874728455:koesters.xyzScott.01:40:00
@impish-doorknob:matrix.orgCapsizeGlimmerCan you repost the screenshot? I wanna see what the commotion is about04:09:50
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] Having graphics profiles or something would be nice, so you can quickly switch to pretty settings for a screenshot and then back to playable.
Not even remotely in-scope here, I know. Just saying.
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] Honestly I was more meaning custom profiles than presets. But yeah all these new settings will confuse the hell out of people. 02:24:16
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] Like wtf is Lambertian lighting. 02:27:02
@_discord_211627183808970753:koesters.xyzTreeco [GMT] I take it the cheap lighting mode keeps the saturation hack? 02:54:45
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