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30 Aug 2020
@CitizenZero:matrix.org@CitizenZero:matrix.org changed their display name from OhaiMarx to BadMojo.03:22:44
31 Aug 2020
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1 Sep 2020
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2 Sep 2020
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@yusdacra:matrix.org@yusdacra:matrix.org changed their profile picture.22:56:46
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3 Sep 2020
@rznth4r:matrix.orgrznth4r set a profile picture.05:18:14
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5 Sep 2020
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6 Sep 2020
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12 Sep 2020
@nimlama_sherpa1:matrix.orgTyrant of R&P changed their display name from Monk Gyatso to Tyrant of R&P.01:07:09
@nimlama_sherpa1:matrix.orgTyrant of R&P changed their profile picture.01:07:15
14 Sep 2020
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric changed their display name from Antoine-Frédéric to missing translation: en|Antoine-Frédéric.18:21:29
@karpos:matrix.org@karpos:matrix.org set a profile picture.22:05:05
15 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
@toger5:matrix.orgTimo changed their display name from toger5 to timo.10:28:09
@toger5:matrix.orgTimo changed their display name from timo to Timo.10:28:30
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@annemarie:privacytools.ioannemarie 14:07:51
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26 Sep 2020
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28 Sep 2020
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29 Sep 2020
@tarhana:matrix.orgtarhana joined the room.05:45:25
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric changed their display name from missing translation: en|Antoine-Frédéric to Antoine-Frédéric.12:06:07

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