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14 Feb 2019
22:30:59@forcedinductionretard:matrix.orgForcedInductionRetardAh, at last I truly see!
22:42:55@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキ ...what the frick 😳
15 Feb 2019
09:15:36@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeThe dude who spoofed that hat, must have testicles the size of coconuts.
09:15:53@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeThe only other possibility is..................
10:57:29@StylelessEel:matrix.orgStylelessEel joined the room.
20:05:10@dii:matrix.orgdii"A game, where you get 4 of your friends, mostly guys, or girls who can squirt, where you all jack off into a hat, and the last person to cum, or the person who can't cum into the hat has to wear the hat in resembling a melting snow man"
20:05:49@dii:matrix.orgdiioh, the game is called 'frosty the snowman'
20:06:08@forcedinductionretard:matrix.orgForcedInductionRetardVR coop fun for the whole family.
16 Feb 2019
03:34:16@tooster:matrix.org@tooster:matrix.org left the room.
04:11:35@orekix:matrix.orgorekix[Jigsworkx] Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime - 2.5 (DVD 1024x576 8bit h.264 AAC) [v2][C855AC0B]-00:01:25.794.png
[Jigsworkx] Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime - 2.5 (DVD 1024x576 8bit h.264 AAC) [v2][C855AC0B]-00:01:25.794.png
04:11:36@orekix:matrix.orgorekix[Jigsworkx] Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime - 2.5 (DVD 1024x576 8bit h.264 AAC) [v2][C855AC0B]-00:01:23.792.png
[Jigsworkx] Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime - 2.5 (DVD 1024x576 8bit h.264 AAC) [v2][C855AC0B]-00:01:23.792.png
19:27:09@orekix:matrix.orgorekix changed their profile picture.
17 Feb 2019
10:18:42@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeAre those shower caps shaped liked like wearable cooking pots with tight bands to contain the Patriarchs Spoof? that emanated from his Stallion sized Gonads? Maybe Hormonal secretions in the sperm have mind altering effects that make Harem bitches efficient breeding machines for the empire? maybe natural opioids contained in the evolutionarily advanced male essence produce penii ii addiction? strange times brother, strange times.
10:23:57@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeCitations -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnet_(headgear) According to this wiki article, the tradition of Spoof-Bonneting as a means of Harem control was practiced by the Visigoths at around 370AD in order to stop their women from doing it with Roman Soldiers. Very interesting
10:31:29@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeCitations -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visigoths It is the Visigoths that invented the porn industry as a means to entertain The Roman emperor Valentinian I. Then in 1066 during the battle of Hastings almost 700 years later Jewish Rabbis forcefully took over the industry.
10:44:51@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeDuring the middle ages 600 years ago when the VHR tape was invented, Jews originally produced almost exclusively beastiality porn for the Arab slave traders of the middle east. These slave traders considered their wives and and black slaves too ugly to fuck, so preferred man on camel/goat/horse/chicken etc mixed in with the occasional pedo snuff featuring captured white girls from Britain.
10:48:27@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeAmerican President Uuskan Strictokopov defeated Napoleon just before Jesus Christ was born. The last dinosaurs were killed off by niggers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
10:51:09@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeNelson Mandela died of HIV contracted by contact with Barrack Obama.
10:59:25@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeHIV came from outer space on a comet the caused the mass extinction event 66 million years ago. But niggers picked it up from the last surviving dinosaurs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
11:08:37@ssshhheeeee:matrix.orgssshhheeeeeThe standard reader reaction to this crap is....................
18:49:21@dii:matrix.orgdii orekix: i adore these
18:49:42@dii:matrix.orgdiiv nice
In reply to @forcedinductionretard:matrix.org
sent an image.
19:52:41@forcedinductionretard:matrix.orgForcedInductionRetardYou can't properly enjoy food with a throat buldge like that.

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