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4 Mar 2023
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5 Mar 2023
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6 Mar 2023
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7 Mar 2023
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9 Mar 2023
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11 Mar 2023
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12 Mar 2023
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16 Mar 2023
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17 Mar 2023
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18 Mar 2023
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21 Mar 2023
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22 Mar 2023
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23 Mar 2023
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24 Mar 2023
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@sleep1337:matrix.orgclumsylulzRedacted or Malformed Event11:25:59
@sleep1337:matrix.orgclumsylulzRedacted or Malformed Event11:25:57

7.5.0 @room

  • removed auth delay
  • removed splash art
  • switched to a faster VM
  • increased auth timeout
  • faster initialization (not verified yet)

crash on startup should be gone (unless it's AV related)
+24 Hours added to all licenses.
ps; setup page is now updated and easier to follow.

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25 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
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28 Mar 2023
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