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28 Mar 2023
@voltage_:libera.chatvoltage_ should've invited some more asian countries 21:16:20
@JanC:libera.chatJanC they kicked Russia & Belarus :) 21:28:41
@burrows:libera.chatburrows belarus are in group "i" :p 21:57:08
@burrows:libera.chatburrows!games euro belarus21:58:02
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler <Euro 2024 Qualification> [Qualification: Group I] (FT) Romania 2-1 Belarus <Euro U17> [Elite Round: Group 1] (FT) Belarus U17 1-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina U17 <Euro U21 2025> [Qualification: Group G] (FT) Greece U21 1-1 Belarus U21 21:58:03
@radiofree:libera.chatradiofree!games spain22:07:09
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler <Euro 2024 Qualification> [Qualification: Group A] (FT) Scotland 2-0 Spain <Euro U19> [Elite Round: Group 3] (FT) Spain U19 4-0 Ukraine U19 <International> [Friendlies U21] (FT) France U21 0-0 Spain U21 22:07:09
@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid!game euro qual22:17:50
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler <Euro 2024 Qualification> [Qualification: Group A] (FT) Georgia 1-1 Norway (FT) Scotland 2-0 Spain [Qualification: Group D] (FT) Turkiye 0-2 Croatia (FT) Wales 1-0 Latvia [Qualification: Group I] (FT) Kosovo 1-1 Andorra (FT) Romania 2-1 Belarus (FT) Switzerland 3-0 Israel <Euro U21 2025> [Qualification: Group G] (FT) Greece U21 1-1 Belarus U21 <Women's Euro U17> [Qualification Round 2: Group A3] ( 22:17:51
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler29/03 14:00) North Macedonia U17 Women - Hungary U17 Women (29/03 14:00) Portugal U17 Women - Germany U17 Women [Qualification Round 2: Group A5] (29/03 13:00) France U17 Women - Ireland U17 Women (29/03 13:00) Kosovo U17 Women - Italy U17 Women 22:17:52
@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid!game international friendlies22:18:02
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butlerToo many games (27). Showing first 20.22:18:03
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler <International> [Friendlies] (FT) India 2-0 Kyrgyzstan (FT) Indonesia 2-2 Burundi (FT) Malaysia 2-0 Hong Kong (FT) Armenia 2-2 Cyprus (FT) Iran 2-1 Kenya (FT) UAE 2-0 Thailand (FT) Uzbekistan 1-1 Venezuela (FT) Bahrain 1-0 Syria (FT) Jordan 4-0 Philippines (FT) Germany 2-3 Belgium (FT) Kuwait 2-1 Tajikistan (FT) Saudi Arabia 1-2 Bolivia (FT) Morocco 0-0 Peru (23:30) Argentina - Curacao [Friendlies 22:18:03
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler U20] (FT) England U20 1-1 France U20 (FT) Czech Republic U20 3-0 Portugal U20 [Friendlies U21] (FT) Bulgaria U21 0-2 Finland U21 (FT) Cyprus U21 2-5 Hungary U21 (FT) North Macedonia U21 0-1 Slovakia U21 (FT) Denmark U21 3-2 Switzerland U20 (FT) Romania U21 0-0 Germany U21 22:18:03
29 Mar 2023
@Wompie:libera.chatWompiejludka: what do you mean im running out of channels I only use 200:02:57
@Wompie:libera.chatWompieI was acting like a silly boy 00:06:17
@Wompie:libera.chatWompiebut I stand by it. Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt etc00:06:32
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKwebcam business is big here00:14:38
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKbecause abundance of hot grils but also abundance of silicone - i am glad many younger are stopping this00:15:00
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKso in the webcam busness, the person buys a home with 4-5 rooms in laureles usually, its strata 4 - see in medellin they do things by strata00:15:35
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKstrata 5 is the highest, they pay the most taxes etc00:15:45
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKthe lower the strata the less tax and more stuff they get from the govt but also its not - ie bad infrastructure00:16:08
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKso they have to put the webcam studios in strata 4 so the internet is stable and good00:16:25
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKthen they charge the webcam models x dollars an hour to do their shows00:16:38
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKits really amazing how many are doing this00:16:45
@CobraK:libera.chatCobraKalso amazing how they still make money post covid00:16:53
@Wompie:libera.chatWompieplease stop typingwords to us00:22:43
@Wompie:libera.chatWompiejludka: undan me please00:28:32

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