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26 Jan 2022
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimangeekosaur: lol22:44:10
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimani think there is also an historical reason for the strong nazi sentiment in part of ukraine22:44:24
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman but i can't remember why 22:44:32
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman i mean if somebody is enemy of your enemy, then he's your friend :D 22:44:47
@JanC:libera.chatJanC maybe more an "ally" than a "friend", but yeah 22:46:54
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman it's rather amusing to read brecht inveighing against fascist attitude in mistifying truth 22:47:10
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanand at the same time he becomes a symbol of the east germany under stalin, which is one of the master mystificators22:47:36
@mcbot_:libera.chatmcbot_no, the WC in Qatar22:47:47
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurcertainly mystifying…22:48:00
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanwell mystifying is not the right word sorry. I mean FAKING it22:48:40
@JanC:libera.chatJanCmystifying might actually be a good term, as that is what they often do: use partially true, partially false stories...22:50:27
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimantrue. And to be fair everybody has done this22:52:17
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimaneven the US with iraq22:52:24
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanor Caesar in his fights for «giving dignity to iberian shepherds» while he only needed their caves :P22:53:14
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m]De Bello Gallico - La Guerra Gallica23:05:38
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m]I have this book somewhere around here23:05:51
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m]apart from the Latin-only version23:06:12
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman are you able to read the latin only version, psydroid ? 23:20:03
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@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m]Franciman, I was able to read Latin before I was able to read Spanish or Italian, so yes23:30:16
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimani tried to read «il nome della rosa» but had to give up because there were too many latin sentences :(23:30:59
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanyes i hate myself23:31:04
27 Jan 2022
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@JanC:libera.chatJanC "in the name of the rose" 02:05:17

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