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26 May 2020
13:11:06@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreeplease stop gambling MMAPUNCH
13:11:24@freenode_MMAPUNCH:matrix.orgMMAPUNCH2/2 in the bundesliga so far! cant derail this train
13:11:39@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreeyour mother and i are concerned
13:12:30@freenode_MMAPUNCH:matrix.orgMMAPUNCHwatched too many british gambling site commercials between games to stop now
13:12:40@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreedamn you ray winstons head
13:12:44* @freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofree shakes fist
13:20:05@freenode_CobraKai:matrix.orgCobraKairadiofree: we may have to do an intervention
13:22:01@freenode_CobraKai:matrix.orgCobraKaioh man no sugar in oatmeal makes it taste a lot different
13:22:16@freenode_CobraKai:matrix.orgCobraKaiits like gruel . u know like the shit the newsies eat
13:25:54@freenode_kingoftrex:matrix.orgkingoftrex!game germany
13:25:55@freenode_irc-butler:matrix.orgirc-butler <GERMANY> [Bundesliga] (1630) Borussia Dortmund ? - ? FC Bayern München (1830) Bayer Leverkusen ? - ? Wolfsburg (1830) Eintracht Frankfurt ? - ? Freiburg (1830) Werder Bremen ? - ? Borussia Mönchengladbach [2nd Bundesliga] (1630) FC Erzgebirge Aue ? - ? SV Darmstadt 98 (1630) SpVgg Greuther Fürth ? - ? VfL Osnabrück (1630) SSV Jahn Regensburg ? - ? 1. FC Nürnberg (1630) SV Wehen Wiesbaden ? - ? SV Sandhausen
13:28:29@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreekingoftrex: we are all dortmund
13:28:49@freenode_CobraKai:matrix.orgCobraKaidortmund 4ever
13:28:52@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreeyou are a supporter of my campaign to prevent the premier league from restarting kingoftrex
13:28:58@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreeno relegation
13:28:59@freenode_hmir:matrix.orghmirHaunting of Hill house is good!!
13:29:06@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreewe can not allow liverpool to steal the title from city
13:29:08@freenode_CobraKai:matrix.orgCobraKaiwtf is that a movie
13:29:15@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofree it's a television series
13:29:17@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreeon netflix
13:29:44@freenode_CobraKai:matrix.orgCobraKairadiofree: i think ppl with liverpool accents are disgusting
13:30:52@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofree also https://japantoday.com/category/sports/liverpool-atletico-match-linked-to-'41-additional'-virus-deaths-report
13:30:54@freenode_MadBot:matrix.orgMadBot ^ Liverpool-Atletico match linked to '41 additional' virus deaths: Sunday Times - Japan Today
13:31:07@freenode_radiofree:matrix.orgradiofreeadd 41 deaths to the already substantial liverpool death count
13:32:46@freenode_hmir:matrix.orghmirwhy do you think the terrorists targeted manchester, and not liverpool, radiofree?
13:32:54@freenode_hmir:matrix.orghmiris it beause mancunians are the worst?
13:40:07@freenode_hmir:matrix.orghmir My professor in London used to say "silence is assent"!

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