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26 Nov 2022
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman that's why italy couldn't qualify 19:17:07
@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroidjust like winning the Euros last year was for Italy19:17:13
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanwe must provide world class referees19:17:16
@Wompie:libera.chatWompiewe are all Argentinia19:17:33
@benoliver999:libera.chatbenoliver999both sides going down quicker than a 2 penny hooker19:17:34
@burrows:libera.chatburrows doesn't italian referees switch sides at half time? 19:18:07
@Wompie:libera.chatWompieitalian referees are mob 19:18:44
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman this channel: italy is in shambles hence didn't qualify 19:18:46
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman reality: italy didn't qualify to serve the best referees in the world 19:18:53
@benoliver999:libera.chatbenoliver999It would be a shame if something were to happen to your team19:19:04
@ward:libera.chatwardman, radiofree is contagious19:19:05
@Wompie:libera.chatWompie I've never heard of a good italian referee 19:19:12
@Wompie:libera.chatWompieonly one referee is good and he is romanian19:19:20
@radiofree:libera.chatradiofree\italy are poor19:19:23
@Franciman:libera.chatFranciman if you read carefully, Wompie , you'll find out he is actually italian 19:19:33
@Wompie:libera.chatWompiemy mistake then19:19:42
@benoliver999:libera.chatbenoliver999Graham Poll is Italian?19:19:53
@mane:libera.chatmaneright where is itali, did they not qualify?19:19:56
@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroidthere are at least 3 former PSV players in this México team19:20:19
@mane:libera.chatmanebambinos not here?19:20:19
@radiofree:libera.chatradiofreeitaly are poor19:20:20
@mane:libera.chatmanethey were right after musolini19:20:29
@mane:libera.chatmanebcs they lost ww219:20:41
@Wompie:libera.chatWompieGianni Infantino is italian so said they cant play due to confusion19:20:46
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanhe is not19:21:49
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanhe is swiss19:21:54
@Franciman:libera.chatFrancimanah he also has italian citizenship, cool19:22:22

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