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23 Sep 2021
@Ash-:libera.chat@Ash-:libera.chatLa Liga refs gonna la liga ref21:24:04
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] lol 21:25:08
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] has he ever got a red card? 21:25:17
@Ash-:libera.chat@Ash-:libera.chat Not sure but that shouldn't have been a red 21:25:33
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] this just shows how difficult things are for them now 21:25:52
@Ash-:libera.chat@Ash-:libera.chat Both of De JOng's yellows shouldnt have even been fouls 21:25:59
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] it shouldn't have been red 21:26:01
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@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurI missed it :( (laundry day)21:39:35
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurand as I say that barça nearly get pwned21:39:55
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] Memphis loser of the day 21:52:06
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] ruining 4 clear chances 21:52:15
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] or at least 3 21:52:44
@geekosaur:libera.chatgeekosaurdepay sucks21:53:07
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] ref from madrid with a few inexplicable decisions, though 21:59:56
@psydroid[m]:libera.chatpsydroid[m] !rank eredivisie 22:27:41
@rusty-butler:libera.chatrusty-butler[NLD] 1. Ajax 16pts 5-1-0 27-1; 2. PSV 15pts 5-0-1 16-8; 3. Willem II 13pts 4-1-1 8-6; 4. Feyenoord 12pts 4-0-1 14-4; 5. Utrecht 11pts 3-2-1 12-4; 6. Twente 10pts 3-1-2 10-722:27:42
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@yessir223467:matrix.org@yessir223467:matrix.orgHello Fellow Soccer Players23:24:51
@yessir223467:matrix.org@yessir223467:matrix.orgJust got Done with my first game we lost 2-3 but i scored 2 goals23:25:18
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24 Sep 2021
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