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12 Jan 2024
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm (uramer) On the upside, you could maybe even fully dehardcode controller pointer interactions, and make it possible to disable them. I'm sure that'd be useful for a controller UI mod 18:21:44
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat It'd work right now for interacting with world objects, but we'd have to add a lot for it to work with menus 18:24:38
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat Thanks. I'll finish porting the mod tonight, will use your MR 18:32:54
13 Jan 2024
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat Controller Cursor movement is fricked in 0.49, at least on mac 02:21:39
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat Moves to the bottom right of the screen, is stuck off screen, if you get it back on screen, it's off by a significant amount 02:22:16
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat Seems fine on windows, of course 02:36:40
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat actually, lemme do what psi said to do 02:37:08
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Didn't you chalk that up to a mac issue, or am I thinking of something else? 02:37:10
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat This is new 02:47:55
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat psi29a Do you have a controller? 02:48:04
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat I blame sdl 02:52:19
@_discord_337788785582407682:t2bot.ioqlonever changed their profile picture.02:58:45
    void SceneWidget::recompile()
        Log(Debug::Info) << "I should be recompiling shaders nao!";

This should work to recompile shaders, right? It looks like the update function might do it.
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a I have a steamdeck? I think I have a switch pro controller (bluetooth) 09:49:07
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a Isn't the controller thing something that urm (uramer) was working on lately? 09:49:32
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/-/merge_requests/2628 ? (smooth controller movement?) 09:53:11
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a btw, do you have an issue where if you double dlick on the titlebar of openmw, it'll give you the beachball of death? 09:54:01
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm (uramer) Nothing to do with UI controller though. 09:54:56
@_discord_127352532384088064:t2bot.iopsi29a So perhaps something sdl2 specific on macos? More testing required 🙂 10:09:02
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek some january benchmarks 14:02:40
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat I don't have a titlebar in openmw, but doing most anything that changes the settings does that 14:35:19
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@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat I mean one that you can use on your mac. Which swich pro should work for. I also have my cursor reset to the bottom right of the screen (again) even when not using a controller 17:54:13
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14 Jan 2024
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16 Jan 2024
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22 Jan 2024
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