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17 May 2022
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu With this MR, the weather now will be the same fast-forward to the same hour? 15:30:51
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * With this MR, the weather now will be the same if you fast-forward to the same hour? 15:31:02
@_discord_721408105740632154:t2bot.ioZehMatt it should be 17:22:08
@_discord_721408105740632154:t2bot.ioZehMatt probably not due to other issues there still are 17:22:19
@_discord_721408105740632154:t2bot.ioZehMatt but i think its quite likely you get the same result 17:22:39
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@_discord_721408105740632154:t2bot.ioZehMatt well just tested that, out of 5 times waiting 24 hours the weather was 4 times the same, so pretty much boils down to the last issue 17:41:12
@_discord_471429575919009802:t2bot.iojvoisin#8882 psi29a https://earthly.dev/blog/ci-comparison/ 18:09:24
@_discord_721408105740632154:t2bot.ioZehMatt not surprised that the guys with most money would be either 1. or 2. 18:15:35
@_discord_362672300773867521:t2bot.ioEvil Eye#5105 That no space left on device was very relatable though 😛 18:27:11
@_discord_284428810773069834:t2bot.io~Lily~#7936 changed their profile picture.19:03:45
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@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 I'm pretty sure I've seen something in GitLab's docs about setting it up for code hosted not on GitLab, so the article's not entirely accurate on that front. 20:37:20
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 There's also the differences in what you get as just some guy versus what you get as a registered open-source project. 20:38:02
@_discord_522595958236774420:t2bot.ioSam Peachy changed their display name from Sam Peachy to Sam Peachy#1923.21:33:32
@_discord_522595958236774420:t2bot.ioSam Peachy changed their display name from Sam Peachy#1923 to Sam Peachy.21:33:54
18 May 2022
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@_discord_428051161463914526:t2bot.ioSchnappleRedacted or Malformed Event02:58:14
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@_discord_471429575919009802:t2bot.iojvoisin#8882 elsid you might want to add a note in the commit message about why https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/-/merge_requests/1881 is good :) 22:32:31

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