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16 May 2023
@salsagal:matrix.orgSalsa Galimage.png
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@salsagal:matrix.orgSalsa Galclick the little drop down button here23:39:58
@salsagal:matrix.orgSalsa Galimage.png
Download image.png
@salsagal:matrix.orgSalsa Galthen click random under color23:40:24
17 May 2023
In reply to @salsagal:matrix.org
in the viewport?
@hellokittyhell:matrix.fedibird.comhellokittyhellokok thanks00:12:15
18 May 2023
@hellokittyhell:matrix.fedibird.comhellokittyhellRedacted or Malformed Event09:27:28
@hellokittyhell:matrix.fedibird.comhellokittyhellRedacted or Malformed Event09:27:37
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20 May 2023
@hellokittyhell:matrix.fedibird.comhellokittyhellblender crashed like 5 times lol i been able to finish the project somehow tho i think because too many meshes 13:01:09
@hellokittyhell:matrix.fedibird.comhellokittyhell is there a way to duplicate many objects without crashing blender 13:01:39
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenosanother way to speed up blender slightly is to decimate your meshes in viewport21:39:42
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21 May 2023
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22 May 2023
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23 May 2023
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25 May 2023
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26 May 2023
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28 May 2023
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29 May 2023
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30 May 2023
In reply to @hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.net
i think it was instances
31 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
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