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27 Jan 2023
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishI'm trying to place an image atop a shader in a simple render of mine, this is my shader nodes setup on the child element, and here's the geometry nodes that are instancing this object:02:41:17
Download image.png
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishthe issue I'm running into is this: the image looks placed perfectly on the reference object, but on the instances, no matter what I seem to do it gets distorted02:43:51
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishwith this particular setup, I can't see the image at all02:44:03
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishwhy is this happening? and how do I fix this?02:45:00
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenosidk what the nodes are called but with node wrangler installed and in the shading workspace control-t might give you the settings you need02:46:15
Download image.png
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenosah here it is02:47:12
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenosidk which texture coordinate vector output you need but these nodes should help02:48:07
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishno luck with that02:48:09
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenosoh, idk02:48:16
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishI've tried each of outputs from the texture coordinate node02:48:32
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishno success02:48:38
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishI'm guessing it has something to do with my geometry nodes setup here...02:49:43
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishwhat am I doing wrong here though?02:49:48
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenoshave you tried the "from instancer" option yet though02:52:25
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishjust did, same result02:56:11
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenoshmm idk02:56:18
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishwhy doesn't UV work here?02:56:23
@hardcoreterminaluser69:envs.netkenosim too stupid to understand xd02:56:23
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishI've modified it inside the UV Editor02:56:42
@galactic_starfish:kde.orggalactic_starfishok, something's wrong - I set the texture to repeat, turned the scale down (UV coordinates' scale down) and still no image was seen on the instances03:11:55
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28 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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30 Jan 2023
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