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22 Jan 2022
@_discord_196839584263438336:t2bot.iofeilen it's a really useful effect... the two models above are completely seperate, no geometry changes were done to make them seem like they're one object 22:22:41
@_discord_196839584263438336:t2bot.iofeilen spy kids vibes 22:23:45
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling Neat. 22:54:03
@_discord_318561582353219597:t2bot.ioAKAvivian joined the room.22:56:19
23 Jan 2022
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling I swear so much of my journey learning all this has ended up with a theme of "working with Unity will result in you having a complete, project-breaking bug or glitch or error and you try everything to fix it, until you just make a new Unity project, change literally nothing at all from before, otherwise, and it just works now." 🙃 07:08:33
@_discord_582838460079931392:t2bot.io♡DAWKY Welcome to game dev 07:16:35
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling I hate it because I love it. >.< 07:17:28
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling SHIT!!! O.o I was so focused on getting all this done I forgot to get the rest of the laundry done. 07:18:26
@_discord_196839584263438336:t2bot.iofeilen I kinda springboarded off the above to add something new y'all might like: a way to insta-rig clothes against an existing 'body' mesh. So if you've rigged your body but wanna add a jacket, this does projected-face-interpolated vertex group copying, basically perfect rigging. No clipping! 20:16:32
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_215713696536592384:t2bot.ioAayla The Octoling Oh cool, pretty sure that's I did that manually in the past - nice to have it as a single-click solution. ^.^ 20:20:39
@_discord_196839584263438336:t2bot.iofeilen Yeah, no idea why I didn't think of it before, but single-click solutions good 20:21:17
@_discord_438131543257513985:t2bot.ioSpiritedSpy Oh damn that’s awesome 22:05:11
24 Jan 2022
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl changed their display name from WickedFlyGirl to WickedFlyGirl#2067.00:35:37
@_discord_460557352504918048:t2bot.ioWickedFlyGirl changed their display name from WickedFlyGirl#2067 to WickedFlyGirl.00:35:40
@_discord_582838460079931392:t2bot.io♡DAWKY 01:15:01
@_discord_213767993153290250:t2bot.iojin#6455 joined the room.04:38:38
@_discord_213767993153290250:t2bot.iojin#6455 is there a crypto option to donate? 04:38:39
@_discord_416629655550951454:t2bot.ioAngelicaGigas is it ok to click fix model button many times? 05:33:04
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan usually only should be pressed once 05:59:08
@_discord_416629655550951454:t2bot.ioAngelicaGigas thank you!😘 06:04:22
@_discord_434468177062133772:t2bot.io989onan np 06:15:28
@_discord_644724252096069642:t2bot.iosouIessbIock#7221 changed their profile picture.06:34:05
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@_discord_65853992965517312:t2bot.ioTooze looks awesome 11:40:56
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