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30 Mar 2023
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 but the player can get her drugs 17:22:13
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 * but the player can get her drugs as a reward 17:22:22
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 pralec, here's some feedback on the Lost but Not Forgotten quest. It's very charming
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 * But the player can have her drugs as a reward. 17:29:21
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 * Nope, the lady is an Alchemist trader and also is too nice to be killed. 17:29:26
@_discord_970687434494971904:t2bot.ioFlinSunset Denis, would you like to playtest High and Dry too? I would appreciate any feedback on that quest because there are still a few things I'm not sure about 17:31:16
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 yes, I'd love too. But I have to do some work first 17:32:13
@_discord_176901499190902785:t2bot.ioDelemis, the Imoster of Agungus Drugs! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 17:50:30
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec Thanks Denis! I can't remember if I included dialogue saying the Amulet has a minor enchantment? That's supposed to clue you in to using Detect Enchantment during your search. 20:33:37
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 Yes you did, actually. My poor magicless test character just didn't get to try that obvious pass 😌 is it in the water? 20:38:14
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec Sure is 🏊 20:39:41
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 Sweet, because my main focus was the pockets of the inhabitants 🔪 20:40:24
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec Maybe I'll give a scroll of detect enchantment to the pawnbroker for poor uneducated test characters 20:40:42
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 How do the new quest claims do, btw? is there something left that needs to be addressed before opening them? 20:41:18
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec I was waiting for feedback. Seems to be all good - I'll open them today 20:41:49
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 Sweet! 20:49:51
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 I think, there's no need for that. Let the players who know the spell feel themselves clever and useful 20:50:19
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 Playtested!
@_discord_970687434494971904:t2bot.ioFlinSunset Thanks a lot Denis, this is much appreciated. I like your suggestions, you covered all those details I had doubts in 21:21:53
@_discord_970687434494971904:t2bot.ioFlinSunset I don't think an option to report smuggling to the guards would be suitable here, because their captain has ties to the Camonna Tong and they close their eyes to it 21:23:37
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDenis418 I thought as much. Thank for you hard work 21:31:48
31 Mar 2023
@_discord_616664853050032138:t2bot.iofaerie changed their display name from faerie to faerie#0122.01:18:29
@_discord_616664853050032138:t2bot.iofaerie changed their display name from faerie#0122 to faerie.01:18:39
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec Vayatir I see you're now the claimant on this quest - can you upload the work you did on your showcase, set the progress to 100, and then mark as ready for review? https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/andothren-soul-inheritor 02:01:12
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec @Quest Developer wake up babes, new quest claims just dropped:
- Wilderness Misc: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/lake-andaram-secret-master
- Wilderness Misc: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/lake-andaram-dead-pilgrim
- Wilderness Misc: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/lake-andaram-lurker-mangroves
- Misc Complex: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/hlan-oek-kenassa-tong-misc-complex
- Unmarked Wilderness event: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/aanthirin-expansion-reclaiming-haliwaran-unmarked
- Hlan Oek Misc: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/hlan-oek-diving-arns
- Morag Tong Writs: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/almas-thirr-morag-tong-questline
@_discord_195009163808473089:t2bot.ioVayatir Did the first two, but where do I mark it as ready for review? 02:13:39
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec Once it's set to 100, there should be a button on the main page 02:14:24
@_discord_195009163808473089:t2bot.ioVayatir ah hah. 02:14:39
@_discord_195009163808473089:t2bot.ioVayatir thank you. 02:14:41
@_discord_328874254370340864:t2bot.iopralec No worries mate 02:14:58

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