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29 Jun 2022
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 yep then that would need to be changed 02:45:16
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 quest proposals arent actually looked at 02:45:25
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil same as it ever was 😦 02:45:50
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil too many words and too few people to read them 02:46:04
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 changing the dialogue to say they're a diplomat or something would probably fix most of it 02:46:10
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 wouldn't be too too hard 02:46:19
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 This could be pushed as explicitly being rule breaking orders or very choosy interpretation of the limits of their authority if you wanna preserve it 03:02:56
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 Maybe make it so that they were kidnapped and chained within morrowind, and the ones who chained them falsified the documentation 03:03:40
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 Like, it’s still technically illegal to press an individual into slavery, isn’t it, like the slaves theoretically are all a bred population, but it’s well known that fresh ones are still abducted from black marsh and human trafficked from elsweyr 03:04:38
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 There’s that whole quest in Arvud about going ‘hey actually this guy is a bosmer’ and the slaveholder let’s him go not because that matters to him, but because his paperwork and documentation is for ohmes khajiit 03:05:32
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 Something something free the argonian by proving the documentation of the sale was falsified and illegitimate due to knowing falsehoods about slave origin made by those that chained and sold him 03:06:43
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 This being something that no slave holders are really unaware of, but something that they have plausible deniability over 03:07:08
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 The point of the quest being to break that deniability to free this argonian in a personal crusade of the legion quest giver that pushes the limits of their authority 03:07:51
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabby the slave in question is actually a khajiit but these are nitpicks 03:10:00
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 Khajiit argonians they’re all animal people 03:10:23
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 Same difference 03:10:28
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabby hmm 03:10:48
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 why even restrict it to beast races, apparently they can enslave anyone walking through their neighborhood 03:30:31
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 certainly this is an absurd law lol 03:30:46
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 i'm not a lore guy so i'll just leave it at 'he's a diplomat and they have magic immunity' 03:31:27
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabby Seems sensible to me 03:31:40
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabby questline's already merged though so 🤷 03:31:49
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 yeah you just add a line that says instead of 'an imperial citizen' 'an imperial diplomat' 03:32:13
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabby true 03:32:34
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabby maybe I'll pick up mainland again sometime and do that lol 03:32:44
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 You can't enslave random free Imperial citizens wandering through. I forgot the exact legal ways of acquiring slaves, but while Dunmer clearly get a lot of their slaves illegally (eg. raiding Black Marsh) they operate on deniability. 07:25:01
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 Slaves are all Imperial citizens, the question is how they became slaves. 07:25:25
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 Because basically nobody has identity papers in TES, there's no paper trail to follow. Colonists/recently settled beast races have somewhat better odds there and are probably advised to specifically organize a paper trail in case wrongful enslavement happens to them. 07:27:06
@_discord_462252846059094018:t2bot.iowalidov changed their display name from walidov to walidov#0036.13:03:30
@_discord_462252846059094018:t2bot.iowalidov changed their display name from walidov#0036 to walidov.13:03:36

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