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5 Jul 2018
14:39:29@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Man.. I've just played around with Gitter, Riot, and Discord... None come close to capturing a decent experience for chat.
14:39:58@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Skype, Telegram and Signal are even better experiences.
14:41:10@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3You use Matrix the most?
14:42:08@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsund guylepage3: yup
14:42:29@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundand i fully agree that the ux (especially of matrix) isn't great (yet! :))
14:43:10@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundbut it's way easier to improve ui/ux than introduce a federated system below
14:44:14@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsund(not to forget the spirit/movement around it, federation/openness is a core belief of the community)
14:44:38@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3I sit on the board of a design company where the CEO was the CEO of the team that designed and built Slack. They iterated it for 3 months before perfecting it.. What is taking all of these apps so long to do something that they just need to copy Slack's UX? Lol
14:45:35@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundprobably not noticing how important ux and easy copying is
14:45:38@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Rocket Chat copied them..
14:45:49@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Is anyone opposed to using Rocket Chat?
14:46:06@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsund if you've got some free time guylepage3, i'm sure they've taking all advice they can get ;)
14:46:40@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3I think my hands are super full. Haha
14:46:58@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Let's try this out for a few days as @clin
14:47:17@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3 ...as clintnelsen mentioned
14:47:55@clintnelsen:matrix.orgclintnelsenjack just recommended Riot in slack
14:48:27@clintnelsen:matrix.orgclintnelsenbut I'm open to Rocketchat too

Is anyone opposed to using Rocket Chat?

it's definitely better than slack (because you own your data), but though it's not federated (any thereby an order of magnitude less open than federated systems)

14:48:46@clintnelsen:matrix.orgclintnelsennow im getting some chat delay on my end
14:48:54@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3 vsund:
14:49:17@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3Do you have any reasons you'd prefer Riot over Rocket Chat?
14:49:14@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundthe end goal of matrix is to not have to think in which app you'd have to go to write someone
14:49:56@guylepage3:matrix.orgguylepage3There's also Keybase...
14:50:39@vsund:matrix.vsund.devsundrocketchat (and every other non-federating software) is more or less a self-hosted data silo (or self-controlled walled garden)

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