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18 Jan 2019
01:36:19@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli set the room topic to "Chats: https://riot.im/app/#/group/+dorgtech:matrix.org".
25 Jan 2019
23:15:28@orishim:matrix.orgorishim set a profile picture.
30 Jan 2019
17:21:28@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaing joined the room.
17:43:03@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli Oy!
20:02:11@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir👋
31 Jan 2019
17:57:03@orishim:matrix.orgorishimS-0269 As Passed by Both House and Senate Official.pdf
S-0269 As Passed by Both House and Senate Official.pdf
1 Feb 2019
15:25:15@orishim:matrix.orgorishiminteresting way that Martin addresses the dao legal question:
15:25:16@orishim:matrix.orgorishim"Disclaimer: DAOs are uncharted territory and highly experimental. They contain a number of potential risks. There are technical risks that smart contract systems might not work as described or as expected. There are risks that governance processes can be gamed and enforce proposals that disadvantage specific participants. There is potentially legal risk. While we see this type of DAO similar to networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum where network participants don’t create legal liability for each other, other legal conclusions might be possible. Gnosis is involved in the development but will fully step back before the launch of the DAO."
3 Feb 2019

Fantastic talk + QnA. Some take aways:

  • We can avoid Web3 being captured by corporate interests by avoiding standards bodies that can be captured. Semantic registries comes to mind. If implemented poorly they could easily be captured. Fork-ability must be at the core of the design.
  • Software producers should not try be “lords of the blockchain” by also running nodes and services, and should instead just produce the software. Single entity, single purpose.
  • The most extreme example of avoiding corporate capture is by producing software/tools as gifts. For example, Satoshi’s gift of bitcoin. Hopefully we don’t have to go this far, but it’s worth understanding, and partly why I prefer anonymously produced software/standards. An absence of self leaves something open for unbiased criticism (I hypothesize).


4 Feb 2019
19:01:18@sethfork:matrix.orgsethfork joined the room.
5 Feb 2019
05:26:35@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli Welcome sethfork 👋

restructured the research repo, take a look https://github.com/dOrgTech/research

cd10012 dOrg | Asgeir none of your work has been removed, just reorganized. Please feel free to change things as you see fit.

10:21:06@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir👍
8 Feb 2019
16:58:43@cd10012:matrix.orgcd10012good morning :)
16:59:10@sethfork:matrix.orgsethforkWhat's cracking? Ready for ETHDenver?
17:01:57@cd10012:matrix.orgcd10012Getting ready as we speak lol
15 Feb 2019
20:32:47@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingHey guys, are you planning to create a Twitter account any time soon? I’m gonna publish my OrgTech.io article as a tweetstorm and @ every project mentioned (or just write in a URL if there’s no Twitter account).
20:33:08@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingWould dorg.tech be okay to include if there’s no Twitter account?
20:36:14@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachineNah we are going to create a twitter for you cause we don’t want to show off the dao creator too much because it’s hosted there and it has bugs lol
20:36:27@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachineThank you!!!
20:44:55@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingI thought that might be the case. I remember being told not to bother with dorg.tech 😝
20:45:09@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingI’ll be hoping to publish the tweetstorm either tomorrow or Sunday. Keep me posted!
22:19:22@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingActually, I’ve just managed to finish turning the article into tweetstorm format, so I’m hoping to publish tomorrow
19 Feb 2019
22:08:52@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingHey guys I forgot that most of you were at ETHDenver. Not to worry, I ended up not being ready to publish. Will try to put it out in the next few days. Lmk if you create a Twitter account
22:09:30@jackalaing:matrix.orgjackalaingP.S. this reminded me of our “Zapier for DAOs” chat: https://twitter.com/corbpage/status/1097237967540674560?s=12

Thanks so much jackalaing, we'll get back to you. Please don't hold up though!

I saw that too and was immediately taken back to our conversations 🤣 , seriously cool project

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