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16 Sep 2019
21:22:10@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏there's no excuse for it once it's there.
21:22:35@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏starting tomorrow morning should be on the road, and we'll be able to track it
21:22:36@soringp:matrix.orgSorin (SKG)is your arm branch good to go?
21:23:11@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏it can compile but seem to have some problem with the keys (pem files)
21:24:33@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏and today someone has just noticed me that it had some sort of "invalid key" message on it's pc as well. so I suggesst that the rasp pi just make something even more sensible and there must be a fine tunning needed, but we'll fix that once the Rasp Pi is in the office
21:25:11@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏ https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/issues/444
21:29:26@soringp:matrix.orgSorin (SKG)good luck, it's a nice side project :)
21:37:54@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏ * just sent today a RPi4 to elrond HQ
21:37:59@lucian.m:matrix.orgLucian - ⛏
In reply to @soringp:matrix.org
good luck, it's a nice side project :)
22:01:42@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 17.58.07.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 17.58.07.png
22:01:54@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957 Lucian - ⛏: git does not like me. But I am old and very stubborn. Here is what I have now, is my version up to date?
22:15:54@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpackThat was shard 4.
In reply to @joesixpack:matrix.org
That was shard 4.
did you build the new binary, or were you still on the one released yesterday?
22:21:45@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpackThat was still the old one. Building the new now.
22:21:56@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpackLooks like it was ctop that crashed not Elrond.
22:22:23@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957just noticed.
22:26:25@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpackWow seeing time is out errors on all nodes.
22:27:52@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957CPU load is high, but no timeouts here. Do you see that in the log messages?
22:29:04@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpackYup its showing in the logs. Is is open an issue worthy?
22:32:49@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957Are you running more than one node per vps?
22:33:55@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957It is a stress test, but I am not seeing CPU that high.
22:36:00@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957The load average is low, CPU is +/- 40% memory is +/- 30%. No major issues here.
22:36:10@frankf1957:matrix.orgfrankf1957Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 18.34.47.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 18.34.47.png
22:55:58@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpackNo, this is docker on bare metal. Two nodes per 4 cores.
23:14:12@joesixpack:matrix.orgJoeSixpack * No, this is docker on bare metal. Two nodes per 4 cores.

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