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26 Sep 2023
@_discord_953684647026524211:t2bot.iomatan.iz it's not for playing though, i want to become a contributor in this project, so i wannt try and compile and build from source (also for learning purposes).
though it's the second day and i did everything and it's not working still.
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneWhat is your stack / what do you mean update the libs17:02:52
@_discord_953684647026524211:t2bot.iomatan.iz i am using vcpkg manager to handle 3rd party libs generally, so i've updated them using the vcpkg manager 17:15:22
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneOh. CorsixTH can do that itself 20:45:02
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneDownload vcpkg, install the packages, etc20:45:26
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri Speaking of not breaking, Windows just broke my graphics driver 🥲 20:46:06
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell I evolved into linux. Was born and raised with windows and now I daily drive linux. Have never looked back since :-). Should try it out sometime 🥳🐧🐧 22:16:41
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell I Would try kubuntu/manjaro/linuxmint if your wanting to dip your toe. Personally not a fan of normal Ubuntu with the gnome desktop I find KDE plasma more similar and user friendly for someone coming from a windows background. 22:20:04
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell I run manjaro 22:23:14
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell Heard Linux mint is good too haven't tested even though I have a copy on my ventoy live USB ( have like 15 operating systems on one USB to install on any device its a cool peice of software just drop an iso into a folder and off you go no need to have seperate live usbs for different OS's 22:25:25
27 Sep 2023
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneI run Windows 10 and Arch Linux for personal and macos for work. I like that Linux maintains hardware support so long. I like the focus on the command line which can make it easier to repeat/automate tasks. I like that it's easier to compile c/c++ in as long as you don't mind the distro supplied library versions. I like the amount of choice e.g. window managers, file systems. I prefer windows or macos for application installs (appimage embraces that model). I like that gaming in windows just works. I hate that windows shares data and advertises to me.03:01:18
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri If you ever looked at Tiny10 or Tiny11 I think it strips away a lot of telementery iirc 11:49:32
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri They're good for vms because they have a small footprint 11:49:47
@_discord_412221060621008897:t2bot.iocolinjmatt So does Linux 😁 18:39:17
28 Sep 2023
@_discord_239927275674533888:t2bot.iotehcrusher joined the room.16:43:33
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell There's also the windows AME project if that's still alive open source scripts to strip windows from the spooky stuff 👀 20:48:21
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell I like the challenge of trying to get things working on Linux lol 20:49:02
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneHeh I have an arm chromebook flashed with libreboot running archlinux arm. Challenge when I want it23:21:43
29 Sep 2023
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioHandyman Lloyd Welcome tehcrusher 00:44:09
1 Oct 2023
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell Respect to that 👌 does it work well ? Chromebooks seem to be more popular now a days especially for a laptop type device for a budget. If I was to ever get one think I'd be doing something similar 10:30:03
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneI wouldn't really recommend it except as a toy. Was good when I wanted an ultralight text editor on my commute. Kernels are a gamble - for years (until it got libreboot) i had to compile my own to get them small enough for the boot loader and that tended to be a gamble.11:31:29
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneI guess now I basically have a pinebook pro with a higher res display, but it took 6 years, and other devices may not deblob so easy.11:35:05
@_discord_566997849213108224:t2bot.ioJoconnell Jeeso seems like quite a mission to get up & running. How much internal storage are on Chromebooks ? is it not something super low & do you know if they are upgradeable ? 16:57:53
@_discord_331163953214390272:t2bot.iomandrakehorse I noticed that the Game Guide hadn't been updated in a few years, so I've cleaned it up and added newer screenshots for the updated Settings menus: https://github.com/CorsixTH/CorsixTH/wiki/Game-Guide 21:03:33
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri Neat thanks, I've marked that wiki page as done in the wiki project 21:14:28
@_discord_331163953214390272:t2bot.iomandrakehorse I also cleaned up the Description/Use Case column on the Sound List page https://github.com/CorsixTH/CorsixTH/wiki/Sound-List 21:20:16
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri Do you believe the content to still be accurate? 21:28:28
@_discord_331163953214390272:t2bot.iomandrakehorse Hmm, there's still a bunch of files which could have better descriptions. I've extracted the files and might have go through them later 21:45:53
2 Oct 2023
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.iolewri Project should be visible here: https://github.com/CorsixTH/CorsixTH/projects/3
Be good to work out too if there's any wiki pages no longer requied
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycoone Joconnell: mine has 32G of soldered on emmc. You'd have to be pretty brave to try to upgrade it. It has a microsd card reader that supports up to 64G (that's what the spec sheet says, I tried a few larger cards in it and they lasted all of a couple minutes before going into read-only error mode). I run my home directory off a usb ssd now, which is a bit clunky. 13:35:52

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