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27 May 2023
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack That reputation hit really hurts a lot when you're almost done with a level and you get a OP Theater related epidemic 17:16:14
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack * That reputation hit really hurts a lot. Specially when you're almost done with a level and you get an OP Theater related epidemic 17:16:27
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycoonedisable them?17:20:35
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneand earthquakes17:20:50
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack That's why i probably won't have epidemics on Hell's Creek 17:23:08
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack While replaying Heaven Town Epidemics just made everything a lot harder 17:23:33
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack If, i ever finish Hell's Creek that is 17:26:22
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack I think i just enlighten myself and might do some Hell's Creek rework now 17:33:24
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri I like the entrances 21:11:51
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJackRedacted or Malformed Event22:26:43
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJackRedacted or Malformed Event22:26:43
28 May 2023
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJackRedacted or Malformed Event01:14:27
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJackhell.png
Download hell.png
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack this handsome man will be the first victim ahem patient of Hell's Creek 02:25:42
@_discord_713869081090195498:t2bot.ioAlexLehaZv joined the room.09:55:24
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack Welcome AlexLehaZv 14:42:21
@_discord_1060891866737954837:t2bot.ioRyan Edgewurth 15:36:27
@_discord_1060891866737954837:t2bot.ioRyan Edgewurth how is they doing 15:36:29
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack had gut rot, and luckily the nurse didn't kill him 16:16:19
29 May 2023
@_discord_1060891866737954837:t2bot.ioRyan Edgewurth Cool 08:12:52
@_discord_380036700015165440:t2bot.ioBrick Top joined the room.09:06:41
30 May 2023
@_discord_341396177344004096:t2bot.ioCybele joined the room.02:18:06
31 May 2023
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack Welcome Brick Top 00:20:55
@_discord_1076401183515746415:t2bot.iodelfino0087 joined the room.04:34:06
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo many waves 09:35:14
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack Welcome delfino0087 13:44:19
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack Tidal Wave 13:44:34
* @albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfree is looking for a surf board14:34:14
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.ioLloyd LeJack gives albert a surfboard 20:59:49

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