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14 May 2022
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@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri E.g. when you use just emoji in discord it turns them into stickers, so they're not longer in unicode I guess 10:19:19
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri Also another weird thing is messages from matrix get submitted with escape characters when you use :) 10:20:06
@albertfree:matrix.orgalbertfreeno doubt matrix has defined its string syntax :)10:22:24
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo :) 11:26:58
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.io【☆Lløyd LeJack☆】 hi 22:19:02
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri The UK are currently in the lead on Eurovision. It's madmess 22:19:30
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri We came second in the end after Ukraine 23:18:23
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo ridiculous 23:59:08
15 May 2022
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo has everyone forgotten about brexit already? 00:02:57
@_discord_412221060621008897:t2bot.ioSpledik We came second??!! What timeline is this? 04:59:44
16 May 2022
@_discord_367754591367856138:t2bot.ioLewri morning 07:40:30
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.io【☆Lløyd LeJack☆】 morning 08:02:27
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.io【☆Lløyd LeJack☆】 even tho in my country it's 4 am 08:02:33
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.io【☆Lløyd LeJack☆】 * even tho in my country it's 4 am, and i shouldn't be awake 08:02:43
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo 👋 09:55:59
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo oh, 👋 09:56:08
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo ....I didn't know that did that 09:56:15
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo learn new things every day 😄 09:56:37
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo 🤗 this doesn't even load for me but it does on linux! 09:59:18
@idahotokens:matrix.org@idahotokens:matrix.org joined the room.11:22:27
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo If you escape the emoji text with a backslash before the first : it converts it into a text/system one instead of discord 12:06:06
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo you can use that to also not make *bold* or whatever as well 12:06:29
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo 🐱 12:06:51
@_discord_164120448521601025:t2bot.ioKo compared to 🐱 12:07:01
@_discord_199262521176227840:t2bot.io【☆Lløyd LeJack☆】 👋👋👋👋 14:12:54
@idahotokens:matrix.org@idahotokens:matrix.org left the room.16:09:29
@thecycoone:sealbaker.comthecycooneBoth of those came through for me on matrix16:53:31

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