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27 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
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31 Mar 2020
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4 Apr 2020
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6 Apr 2020
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18:06:53@freenode_aguas_negras:matrix.orgaguas_negras Hi everyone... Just to say i've just finished writing and correcting spanish translation of the whole project... But i'm not sure if it's ok on gitlab.. I uploaded the files.. Hope it'senough... Pleasetell me ...
13 Apr 2020
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17:49:02@freenode_Nixew:matrix.orgNixew Hi. Where can I find more information regarding no trust in Canonical's Ubuntu?
26 Apr 2020
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27 Apr 2020
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29 Apr 2020
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7 May 2020
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14 May 2020
01:30:49@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_Talos Hey yegortimoshenko , remember how you and I asked OpenNIC to stop resolving Namecoin, and how Catalin Cimpanu from ZDNet.com ran a ridiculous article spinning that as "Namecoin is overrun with botnets"? Apparently the game of Telephone has continued some more, and Wikipedia's article on Namecoin now cites that event to claim that Namecoin is overrun with child porn.
13:18:26@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_Talos changed their display name from Jeremy_Rand_M_Talos to Jeremy_Rand_Talos.
15 May 2020
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16 May 2020
01:13:02@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_Talos JollyRoger: yeah Wikipedia is a cesspool on all things cryptocurrency. Not exactly a new thing.
01:14:37@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_TalosAnyway I just figured Yegor might find it entertaining / facepalm-worthy
01:18:47@JollyRoger:matrix.orgJollyRoger I lack an anime face gif to describe this X(. You'll have to use your imagination for now T_T
01:28:06@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_TalosFWIW the response I gave to ZDNet.fr about child porn on Namecoin is now outdated. As of ~November 2019 (when I did my most recent partial census), the total count of Namecoin domains that looked likely to contain child porn is 2 (up from 0 in my previous partial census that I reported to ZDNet.fr). Both were on ZeroNet, so clearly not relevant to OpenNIC. One of them looked likely to be hentai (so probably legal in the U.S. and Japan, but probably illegal in Australia and parts of Europe); the other was a decentralized imageboard app where some of the user-generated content was probably illegal. In any event, pretty clear that child porn is not a major component of Namecoin usage, even if those 2 (dubious) cases are counted.
01:32:36@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_TalosThe intent of these censuses, of course, was to collect useful statistics on this and other topics that would be great for dispelling media myths... but once the embargo on the Tor work was lifted for 36C3, I had to cancel the census talk at 36C3 so that I could focus on the Tor talk.
01:32:57@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_TalosProbably was a good trade, all things considered.
01:33:49@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_TalosMildly annoyed that my census talk keeps getting canceled for 2 years continuously because I find a more urgent thing to do a talk on... but so it goes
20 May 2020
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