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4 Mar 2019
05:01:33@freenode_Zegnat:matrix.orgZegnatrip who?
15:36:37@buzz-dee:matrix.orgBuZZ-dEE changed their profile picture.
7 Mar 2019
13:38:55@yegortimoshenko:matrix.orgYegor Timoshenkowe're still around and all
10 Mar 2019
12:13:28@freenode_sigod:matrix.org@freenode_sigod:matrix.org joined the room.
12:14:16@freenode_sigod:matrix.org@freenode_sigod:matrix.orghi, can android phones be tracked even when they are off?
12:16:44@freenode_Zegnat:matrix.orgZegnatsigod, good question. I never researched that, but theoretically, sure. Even if Android is not running, the hardware could still keep the GPS chip active or something.
12:18:35@freenode_sigod:matrix.org@freenode_sigod:matrix.orgwhat about if it is powered down and the sim card is out?
12:23:59@freenode_Zegnat:matrix.orgZegnatIf there is no energy source (take out battery) that should disable all the attenae (GPS / mobile). Not sure if it matters that the SIM is in or out
12:27:41@freenode_sigod:matrix.org@freenode_sigod:matrix.org ok but my phone doesn't have a removeable battery
12:34:55@freenode_sigod:matrix.org@freenode_sigod:matrix.org what about the intel management engine? If your motherboard from 2008 doesn't have a PCH does that mean it isn't affected?
12:35:17@freenode_Zegnat:matrix.orgZegnatI am the wrong person to ask about that one
12:36:03@freenode_sigod:matrix.org@freenode_sigod:matrix.orgno worries
11 Mar 2019
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14 Mar 2019
17:33:00@yegortimoshenko:matrix.orgYegor Timoshenkosigod: motherboards made before 2008 don't have me
15 Mar 2019
14:58:28@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantair changed their profile picture.
15:02:24@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantair changed their profile picture.
15:12:19@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantair changed their profile picture.
16 Mar 2019
19:03:51@erq:matrix.orgerq joined the room.
19:33:06@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_Talos joined the room.
19:35:36@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_TalosWould recommending alternatives to Travis CI be considered in-scope for PRISM Break? Given that a lot of users are switching from GitHub to one of the alternatives recommended by PRISM Break, and neither Gitea nor GitLab have built-in CI (and they don't work with Travis either), it seems like something that would be useful to have recommendations for.
20:06:54@freenode_Zegnat:matrix.orgZegnatWhat would the alternatives be that we would be recommending? I have never actually tried to run my own CI system
17 Mar 2019
03:34:21@jeremy_rand_talos:matrix.orgJeremy_Rand_Talos Zegnat: the ones I've frequently heard suggested are Jenkins, Drone, and Sourcehut. I haven't carefully investigated any of them.
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08:59:04@freenode_Zegnat:matrix.orgZegnatAh. We do use Jenkins as build service at work. I should have known it could do CI

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