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9 Aug 2018
03:43:14@_slack_clojurians_U050CBXUZ:matrix.orgyogthos richiardiandrea fantastic 🎉 could you also update the macchiato-core library to use macchiato-http as a dependency before we forget about it 🙂
03:44:09@_slack_clojurians_U050CBXUZ:matrix.orgyogthos might be worth a blog post as well, would be great to show how it works with lumo
03:50:37@_slack_clojurians_U0C8489U6:matrix.orgrichiardiandrea Yeah my only "concern" is cuerdas - I got rid of it in http so if core uses it some behavior might change...there are only `split`s and `replace`s but still...
12:20:16@_slack_clojurians_U050CBXUZ:matrix.orgyogthos I think that should be fine, and the scope of usage in http is pretty small, and we have tests
19:25:08@_slack_clojurians_U0C8489U6:matrix.orgrichiardiandrea Ok ported cuerdas to self-host today so we can include that if it gets accepted and merged
14 Aug 2018
15:27:19@_slack_clojurians_U050CBXUZ:matrix.orgyogthos awesome
11 Oct 2018
15:41:57@_slack_clojurians_UC78Y0DR9:matrix.organdrea.imparato joined the room.
15:41:57@_slack_clojurians_UC78Y0DR9:matrix.organdrea.imparato hello everyone! quick question, is macchiato mature enough to be used in production?
16:24:41@_slack_clojurians_U050CBXUZ:matrix.orgyogthos yup, my team is using it for some services currently, and I've talked to a few other companies who use it
19:38:21@_slack_clojurians_UC78Y0DR9:matrix.organdrea.imparato are you using it in a self hosted server or in serverless environment? yogthos
19:56:57@_slack_clojurians_U050CBXUZ:matrix.orgyogthos my team is using it on a self hosted kubernetes cluster
3 Nov 2018
02:37:35@_slack_clojurians_U0F6G1MNX:matrix.orgjustinmcp joined the room.
02:37:37@_slack_clojurians_U0F6G1MNX:matrix.orgjustinmcp anyone know of an example/tutorial/base project that serves a reagent app out of macchiato?
08:37:08@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm You can use template with +browser profile https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template#profiles. It doesn't serve reagent app and the only thing that the js app does is printing into console: https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template/blob/master/resources/leiningen/new/macchiato/src/browser/app.cljs#L5 but you can put reagent code into that js file.
12:24:15@_slack_clojurians_U0F6G1MNX:matrix.orgjustinmcp Thanks! That should get me started
26 Nov 2018
15:31:11@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova joined the room.
15:31:11@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova how did I not know about this thing ?!
15:31:14@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova 😄
27 Nov 2018
13:16:28@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova I have a suggestion. Please add a default index.html with a javascript embed (cljs ) by default so that when i start a new macchiato app i can start playing in rum right away.
13:17:17@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova the way i have it set up, in the routes it serves a javascript file to the page via [:script ...] and i had to mess with the project.clj quite a bit to get it to compile my cljs separately, but finally i just created a new build called :client and invoke it with lein client
19:23:13@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm If I understand you correctly, you want some basic js file in browser (compiled from cljs) that you can easilly extend. There is such file: https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template/blob/master/resources/leiningen/new/macchiato/src/browser/app.cljs you just need to run
lein new macchiato app +browser
to generate it (https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template#usage).
20:05:52@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova Question... if I wanted to incorporate web sockets into this npm/cljs divesto, what would be a good avenue?
20:07:12@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova yep that's exactly right. thank you.
20:16:15@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm I used sente on one project. You just need to copy https://github.com/ptaoussanis/sente/pull/307 into your namespace
20:28:16@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova Awesome!
20:28:30@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova That simplifies a lot of work if there's already a working copy to build from.
20:28:57@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova I was reading https://macchiato-framework.github.io/docs/websockets.html but i think sente will be nicer to play with.
18 Dec 2018
00:01:18@_slack_clojurians_U1KLLEBSA:matrix.orgjstaab joined the room.
00:01:18@_slack_clojurians_U1KLLEBSA:matrix.orgjstaab Hey, I'm trying to get macchiato working with shadow-cljs, but I'm having problems with (I think) shadow-cljs eliminating non-externed stuff within macchiato. Basically, my server is working with a dev build, but fails on "release", regardless of what optimizations I set. Is there a recommended way to get this done or am I in no-man's land?
08:56:07@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm Hi. As I understand, people usually don't recommend advanced optimizations on backend (because it's too much work and nobody usually cares about js size there). I am not using them too as I don't find it useful. Also I am not using swadow-cljs - maybe try to ask in shadow-cljs channel for related stuff.

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