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3 Nov 2018
02:37:35@_slack_clojurians_U0F6G1MNX:matrix.orgjustinmcp joined the room.
02:37:37@_slack_clojurians_U0F6G1MNX:matrix.orgjustinmcp anyone know of an example/tutorial/base project that serves a reagent app out of macchiato?
08:37:08@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm You can use template with +browser profile https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template#profiles. It doesn't serve reagent app and the only thing that the js app does is printing into console: https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template/blob/master/resources/leiningen/new/macchiato/src/browser/app.cljs#L5 but you can put reagent code into that js file.
12:24:15@_slack_clojurians_U0F6G1MNX:matrix.orgjustinmcp Thanks! That should get me started
26 Nov 2018
15:31:11@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova joined the room.
15:31:11@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova how did I not know about this thing ?!
15:31:14@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova 😄
27 Nov 2018
13:16:28@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova I have a suggestion. Please add a default index.html with a javascript embed (cljs ) by default so that when i start a new macchiato app i can start playing in rum right away.
13:17:17@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova the way i have it set up, in the routes it serves a javascript file to the page via [:script ...] and i had to mess with the project.clj quite a bit to get it to compile my cljs separately, but finally i just created a new build called :client and invoke it with lein client
19:23:13@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm If I understand you correctly, you want some basic js file in browser (compiled from cljs) that you can easilly extend. There is such file: https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template/blob/master/resources/leiningen/new/macchiato/src/browser/app.cljs you just need to run
lein new macchiato app +browser
to generate it (https://github.com/macchiato-framework/macchiato-template#usage).
20:05:52@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova Question... if I wanted to incorporate web sockets into this npm/cljs divesto, what would be a good avenue?
20:07:12@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova yep that's exactly right. thank you.
20:16:15@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm I used sente on one project. You just need to copy https://github.com/ptaoussanis/sente/pull/307 into your namespace
20:28:16@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova Awesome!
20:28:30@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova That simplifies a lot of work if there's already a working copy to build from.
20:28:57@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova I was reading https://macchiato-framework.github.io/docs/websockets.html but i think sente will be nicer to play with.
18 Dec 2018
00:01:18@_slack_clojurians_U1KLLEBSA:matrix.orgjstaab joined the room.
00:01:18@_slack_clojurians_U1KLLEBSA:matrix.orgjstaab Hey, I'm trying to get macchiato working with shadow-cljs, but I'm having problems with (I think) shadow-cljs eliminating non-externed stuff within macchiato. Basically, my server is working with a dev build, but fails on "release", regardless of what optimizations I set. Is there a recommended way to get this done or am I in no-man's land?
08:56:07@_slack_clojurians_U662GKS3F:matrix.orgnenadalm Hi. As I understand, people usually don't recommend advanced optimizations on backend (because it's too much work and nobody usually cares about js size there). I am not using them too as I don't find it useful. Also I am not using swadow-cljs - maybe try to ask in shadow-cljs channel for related stuff.
15 Mar 2019
14:22:19@_slack_clojurians_U3LP7DWPR:matrix.orgclaudiu joined the room.
14:22:27@_slack_clojurians_U3LP7DWPR:matrix.orgclaudiu Hi 🙂 looking over macchiato for a new project. Anyone know what the status of the project is ?
14:23:05@_slack_clojurians_U3LP7DWPR:matrix.orgclaudiu Seems like there hasn't been much activity since Jul 2018. Trying to figure out if it's just stable and mature or if people have moved on 🙂
15:18:52@_slack_clojurians_U52RNHDRN:matrix.orgrestenb changed their profile picture.
15:18:55@_slack_clojurians_U52RNHDRN:matrix.orgrestenb i used it for a small project last fall, it worked as advertised at least. so in that sense I guess it's stable and mature enough for it's use
15:20:22@_slack_clojurians_U52RNHDRN:matrix.orgrestenb i didn't experience any big friction getting it set up and functioning
15 May 2019
01:44:30@_slack_clojurians_U30H25RT6:matrix.orggdeer81 joined the room.
01:44:30@_slack_clojurians_U30H25RT6:matrix.orggdeer81 I was thinking about exploring using macchiato to write microservices to deploy to the istio service mesh since node startup time is pretty quick it could be used for any service that's IO bound. if anyone has done this before, let me know how well it worked out
24 Aug 2019
23:46:01@sindifutea1985:matrix.org@sindifutea1985:matrix.org joined the room.
23:46:08@sindifutea1985:matrix.org@sindifutea1985:matrix.org left the room.
7 Sep 2019
14:10:36@_slack_clojurians_U3ES97LAC:matrix.orgsova changed their profile picture.

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