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18 Nov 2019
23:38:00@telegram_950668411:t2bot.io恭生轸 changed their display name from telegram_950668411 to 恭生轸.
19 Nov 2019
04:20:56@telegram_782482889:t2bot.ioSharonRedacted or Malformed Event
04:20:56@telegram_782482889:t2bot.ioSharonRedacted or Malformed Event
06:55:56@telegram_912759256:t2bot.ioLana Robin joined the room.
09:36:25@telegram_950668411:t2bot.io恭生轸Redacted or Malformed Event
09:36:25@telegram_950668411:t2bot.io恭生轸Redacted or Malformed Event
09:41:14@telegram_971184109:t2bot.ioSally Boyd changed their display name from chcg to Sally Boyd.
09:41:22@telegram_971184109:t2bot.ioSally Boyd set a profile picture.
15:05:16@telegram_926119855:t2bot.io骆鸿淡 joined the room.
15:05:20@telegram_926119855:t2bot.io骆鸿淡 changed their display name from telegram_926119855 to 骆鸿淡.
17:19:19@telegram_737177852:t2bot.ioKate Henshaw joined the room.
20 Nov 2019
00:11:57@telegram_865410870:t2bot.ioFaizan Naqvi changed their display name from Fred Susan to Faizan Naqvi.
00:12:06@telegram_865410870:t2bot.ioFaizan Naqvi changed their profile picture.
00:43:31@telegram_934669172:t2bot.ioMarcela Muñoz changed their display name from Micheal Adams to Marcela Muñoz.
05:21:39@telegram_1026053334:t2bot.ioKim joined the room.
05:21:44@telegram_1026053334:t2bot.ioKim changed their display name from telegram_1026053334 to Kim.
20:50:00@telegram_952869015:t2bot.io尉迟新雁 joined the room.
20:50:04@telegram_952869015:t2bot.io尉迟新雁 changed their display name from telegram_952869015 to 尉迟新雁.
20:50:41@telegram_921974755:t2bot.ioJeff anthony joined the room.
20:50:47@telegram_921974755:t2bot.ioJeff anthony changed their display name from telegram_921974755 to Jeff anthony.
22:32:13@telegram_800562812:t2bot.io沐掎 joined the room.
22:32:18@telegram_800562812:t2bot.io沐掎 changed their display name from telegram_800562812 to 沐掎.
21 Nov 2019
00:24:42@telegram_1050066913:t2bot.io葛鸿掎 joined the room.
00:24:46@telegram_1050066913:t2bot.io葛鸿掎 changed their display name from telegram_1050066913 to 葛鸿掎.
03:16:15@telegram_926119855:t2bot.io骆鸿淡Redacted or Malformed Event
03:16:15@telegram_926119855:t2bot.io骆鸿淡Redacted or Malformed Event
04:41:13@telegram_750875406:t2bot.ioIntan Notonegoro changed their display name from Joyce Clifford to Intan Notonegoro.
04:41:21@telegram_750875406:t2bot.ioIntan Notonegoro changed their profile picture.
11:14:56@i-have-terminal-aids:matrix.orgI Have Terminal AIDSI see the group has a message and i get exited until i realise it's just bots
14:13:39@telegram_549470633:t2bot.ioFadi 🇵🇱🇵🇸🇺🇸 changed their display name from Fadi 🇵🇱🇵🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸 to Fadi 🇵🇱🇵🇸🇺🇸.

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