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18 Sep 2019
12:23:51@telegram_693174177:t2bot.ioblur HYso keep the file or whatever small
12:24:38@telegram_693174177:t2bot.ioblur HYjust like when you can use plain text, don't use screenshots
12:25:54@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmomaybe in december now i have to go university
12:26:06@telegram_693174177:t2bot.ioblur HYuh, bye
13:08:29@telegram_719271493:t2bot.iojoshan w joined the room.
13:08:32@telegram_719271493:t2bot.iojoshan w changed their display name from telegram_719271493 to joshan w.
19 Sep 2019
02:58:05@telegram_888395969:t2bot.iosophan joined the room.
07:27:42@telegram_837750005:t2bot.ioNanoProduct.BonSharp joined the room.
07:31:47@telegram_837750005:t2bot.ioNanoProduct.BonSharpI got a suggestion here, maybe you should not send suck a long message when someone join.
07:31:52@telegram_837750005:t2bot.ioNanoProduct.BonSharp Edit: I got a suggestion here, maybe you should not send suck a long message when someone join.
08:09:04@telegram_972938710:t2bot.iochen xiaoxiao joined the room.
08:12:11@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmowhy is always the same message?
08:12:19@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmoevery day?
08:12:22@telegram_837750005:t2bot.ioNanoProduct.BonSharpIt's the welcome message
08:12:30@telegram_837750005:t2bot.ioNanoProduct.BonSharpwhen someone join and it will pop up
08:12:33@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmooh ok
08:12:44@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmonow i understand
08:13:12@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmoi suggest a Welcome word at the start n.n
08:13:30@telegram_402001735:t2bot.ioCosmo Edit: i suggest a Welcome word at the start n.n
10:18:54@telegram_693174177:t2bot.ioblur HY
In reply to NanoProduct.BonSharp
It's the welcome message
not everyone will look at the pinned message
10:19:02@telegram_693174177:t2bot.ioblur HYi found
18:24:46@telegram_889905339:t2bot.ioComrade Yutyo https://itsfoss.com/richard-stallman-controversy/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=stallman_forced_to_resign_25_linux_smartwatch_gnome_334_oracles_new_linux_and_more&utm_term=2019-09-19 god, that is sad.
18:25:10@ivanq:amorgan.xyzivanqYeah, that's really unfortunate
18:25:29@ivanq:amorgan.xyzivanqThat shows how people can remove you from the foundation you created...
18:25:47@telegram_889905339:t2bot.ioComrade YutyoI mean, Stallman was just a legend. Who will keep the FSF now?
18:26:12@telegram_889905339:t2bot.ioComrade YutyoHe was literally one of the few guys who was aware about the difference of open source and free software.
18:26:22@telegram_889905339:t2bot.ioComrade Yutyo Hear that @blurhy ? They are different stuff.
18:27:00@ivanq:amorgan.xyzivanq"Let me interject for a moment"
20 Sep 2019
00:43:57@telegram_929430398:t2bot.iolee ann joined the room.

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