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Information hub for news and serious discussion about the coronavirus epidemic. The semi-real-time map for the spread is this link: https://app.isnew.info/2019-ncov Since there is a huge shortage of masks, here is a video showing you how you can make a disposable mask with a full-sized paper-towel, 4 rubber-bands, and 2 staples: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=CgkCpK2XRR4 You might even make it double-layered by using 2 paper towels instead of 1 Here is an other tracker that has daily updates about what happened on a particular day: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus If you need to know what supplies to have, or which masks and suits to wear feel free to ask and share.46 Servers

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2 Mar 2021
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3 Mar 2021
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7 Mar 2021
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once those LNPs delivered the mRNA into cells it also wont survive for long (even despite all their tricks to make it last at little bit longer) because mRNA is the natural intermediate for protein production, hence its normal for cells to constantly remove all types of mRNAs at different rates to make place for new "protein recipes" (aka mRNA) in their protein production capabilities.

"Protein molecules are themselves also the target of specific destruction, though generally, their lifetimes tend to be longer than the mRNAs that lead to their synthesis, as discussed below. Because of these long lifetimes, under fast growth rates the number of copies of a particular protein per cell is reduced not because of an active degradation process, but simply because the cell doubles all its other constituents and divides into two daughters leaving each of the daughters with half as many copies of the protein of interest as were present in the mother cell. To understand the dilution effect, imagine that all protein synthesis for a given protein has been turned off while the cell keeps on doubling its volume and shortly thereafter divides."

"The statement that protein lifetimes in rapidly growing bacteria are longer than the cell cycle itself is supported by measurements already from the 1960s where radioactive labeling was used as a way to measure rates. In this case, degradation of labeled proteins was monitored by looking at the accumulation of radioactive amino acids in a rapidly exchanged perfusate. Only 2-7% of the proteome was estimated to be actively degraded"

"Active degradation half lives were seen to be broadly distributed with the fastest observed turnover of less than an hour and the slowest showing only negligible active degradation in the few days of time lapse microscopy. "

"In trying to characterize the lifetimes of the most stable proteins, mice were given isotopically labeled food for a short period at an early age and then analyzed a year later. The results showed that most proteins turnover within a few days but a few show remarkable stability. Histone half lives were measured at ≈200 days; even more tantalizing, the nuclear pore consists of a protein scaffold with half life >1 year while all the surrounding components are replenished much faster."


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8 Mar 2021
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9 Mar 2021
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10 Mar 2021
@Rolex:matrix.orgCIAThat’s happening in the United States as well spreadthis.info only for now in secrecy, there are lists who gets cherry picked, its usually one or two per week11:52:46

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