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13 Apr 2020
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15 Apr 2020
@runthejewels4:matrix.orgrunthejewels4this covid shit is so boring 14:12:40
22 Apr 2020
@akash:kde.org@akash:kde.orgBeen more than a month since I last stepped out. About to lose it07:53:55
24 Apr 2020
@runthejewels4:matrix.orgrunthejewels4ive just been taking my dog on walks lol17:54:52
27 Apr 2020
@runthejewels4:matrix.orgrunthejewels4all i want to do is go hang out with friends and ride my 4 wheeler15:11:42
29 Apr 2020
@akash:kde.org@akash:kde.orgCan't wait. But seems like it's not happening anytime soon.02:08:36
6 May 2020
@sodomize-the-weak:matrix.orgsodomize-the-weak joined the room.06:23:26
@sodomize-the-weak:matrix.orgsodomize-the-weakSodomize the weak06:23:45
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26 May 2020
@drtoddi:matrix.allmende.ioervid changed their display name from Eckschuh to ervid.12:25:54
7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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20 Jul 2020
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20 Aug 2020
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@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:23:13
@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:25:35
@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:28:22
@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:29:54
@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:33:16
@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:33:38
@toddi:tchncs.deerks 13:34:57
11 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
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15 Oct 2020
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