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3 Feb 2019
01:27:46@m68k:matrix.orgm68kUploaded the new restricted physics for MFArena, feel free to test, note it should feel more Doom-like Link: https://mega.nz/#!6EhRkCZC!fenVhTY1dz4QS9R9f9WVByzoLRqZITJf8pdbxIQe_OE - Be sure to extract in the base install directory, and not inside the "basemf" directory - Select the test version in the "mods" directory (TEST1902)
12:29:38@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamNice :D
19:50:47@m68k:matrix.orgm68kbtw, i'm thinking of changing the 5 health from being health that goes over 100, to health that only recovers up to 100
19:52:58@m68k:matrix.orgm68ki'll have to see if this is something that will play out well
21:24:46@m68k:matrix.orgm68knot only that, i can have two different 5 healths, one that will only restore, and viles that will go over 100... just brainstorming out loud XD
6 Feb 2019
17:24:02@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamYou'd have to make sure they were clearly different
17:24:15@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamOtherwise you'll have a "mega" vs "ultra" health issue like Wsw has :/
23:33:19@m68k:matrix.orgm68kthe models will be different, the 5 health that will only restore will be the canned health (blue), while the other 5 health that will go over 100 will be a vial (purple)
23:33:58@m68k:matrix.orgm68ki planned on having another health items for a while, but wasn't sure if i was going to go the doom route and have it +1 health
23:34:40@m68k:matrix.orgm68kmade no sense in MP, so it would had been a single player item
7 Feb 2019
00:09:25@m68k:matrix.orgm68kagain, this is not set in stone, though playing only with bots causes me to think of ways to make the game harder :P
18:46:03@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamNeed to get more players in here.
8 Feb 2019
01:27:25@m68k:matrix.orgm68kwhy hasn't smilecythe jumped on here yet? XD
23:17:13@m68k:matrix.orgm68kha, he has no problem spending hours hopping around in a new map, but can't open a web browser and connect to riot.im :P
23:17:48@m68k:matrix.orgm68kwell, if he does get bored of discord, he's always welcome here :)
16 Feb 2019
00:39:58@m68k:matrix.orgm68k^ ...hmm
09:01:25@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamSeems legit
18:00:46@m68k:matrix.orgm68kindeed it is :)
18 Feb 2019
20:06:35@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamWe need a duel cup soon :3
19 Feb 2019
00:38:20@m68k:matrix.orgm68kwe had one, but ppl didn't come
02:08:49@m68k:matrix.orgm68kof course we can meme is out with a "why not a nice big fat mfarena world cup instead of this... oh" :3
03:11:24@m68k:matrix.orgm68k *meme is it out
03:11:36@m68k:matrix.orgm68kffs i can't type
07:59:00@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCam I'll bug some people once the doom physics are ready ;)
23:38:55@m68k:matrix.orgm68kbtw, were you able to try the new restricted phsyics by any chance?
20 Feb 2019
16:53:22@crabcrabcam:matrix.orgccCamNo, not even downloaded it yet :(
21 Feb 2019
00:17:32@m68k:matrix.orgm68kwell, less than two months is not a long wait for another update ;)

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