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7 Nov 2017
23:39:18@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisi hope it's a "set up and forget" kind of service, lol
23:39:45@tpepper:matrix.orgtpepperwould be nice if you could dump it in the github wiki or something
23:40:47@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisyeah, will do once set up
23:40:59@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisi got u-root.com, but i haven't set that up to point to the github.io page yet either
23:41:14@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChris(is u-root.tk a github.io page? or did ron set that up elsewhere?)
23:41:29@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisif it's elsewhere, it should be a github.io page i feel like
23:41:33@ganshun:matrix.orgganshunI have no idea
23:42:36@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisi hope these services don't work by being an email server
23:42:41@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisbecause fuck that
23:43:30@tpepper:matrix.orgtpepperI meant it would be nice if you could embed their script in something on the github.com u-root wiki, so it was hosted inside the u-root wiki
23:43:43@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisi don't think it's just a wiki though
23:43:50@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisi think this is a hosted service i have to put on a server somewhere
23:44:03@tpepper:matrix.orgtpepperyeah I don't know how fancy it is
23:44:27@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisif it's just an html wrapper for a slack api call, then yeah i'll just put it in the wiki
23:44:49@tpepper:matrix.orgtpepperand I've never tried uploading .js to a github wiki via the backing git repo...can imagine they wouldn't enable scripts to run
23:45:08@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisif they don't and it really is static, i'll make an appengine app out of it
23:45:13@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisfree hosting anyway :)
23:45:16@tpepper:matrix.orgtpepperbut...badges in readmes are .js ?
23:45:35@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisactually, are they?
23:47:07@tpepper:matrix.orgtpeppermaybe not
9 Nov 2017
00:07:14@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChrisHey all, I set up an invite page for the slack
00:07:30@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChris tpepper: Ben
00:08:00@hugelgupf:matrix.orgChriswe're just gonna use slack
00:48:52@bensallen:matrix.org@bensallen:matrix.orgRgr, testing the invite site now
17 Dec 2017
01:40:16@teslatried:matrix.orgteslatried joined the room.
30 Apr 2018
18:09:12@bensallen:matrix.org@bensallen:matrix.org left the room.
4 Feb 2019
11:01:11@sphalerite:matrix.orgLinus joined the room.
11:01:29@sphalerite:matrix.orgLinusoh, this looks dead :(

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