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17 Feb 2019
10:34:49@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heoone way to do that right would have been to put twice the amount of buttons on the frame, and offer placement options on the case
10:35:08@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heoso to use this or that one.
14:44:50@ersey:matrix.orgerseyIs anyone successful in doing USB tethering in LineageOS 15.1? It worked for me in LO 14. Current version 20190211.
14:45:31@ersey:matrix.orgersey The laptop sees a connection but anything send doesn't seem to go through.
14:51:36@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heoalso depends on the client operating system too does it not?
14:56:41@ersey:matrix.orgersey Indeed. Never got it to work with MacOSX but Fedora (client OS in question) didn't give a problem.
14:57:32@ersey:matrix.orgerseyIt stopped working after upgrade to LO15.1
15:32:53@freenode_ronaldteune[m]:matrix.orgronaldteune[m] (IRC) joined the room.
15:32:53@freenode_ronaldteune[m]:matrix.orgronaldteune[m] (IRC)
In reply to @freenode_^7heo:matrix.org
So I can hold it perfectly with the left hand or use it perfectly with the right.
If you never use it for taking photos, you can modify the frame (remove or glue the button)
15:33:01@freenode_ronaldteune[m]:matrix.orgronaldteune[m] (IRC):)
15:33:34@freenode_ronaldteune[m]:matrix.orgronaldteune[m] (IRC)I shaved a bit off the on/off button to make it less pressable from inside the pocket
15:34:05@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heo Ronald Teune: yeah I removed it but...
15:34:22@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heoit would be much nicer to be able to print a cover with the button on the OTHER side and have it still work..
15:34:46@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heoalso yeah the buttons are all proud, very much so
15:35:33@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heo I'd like them to be recessed
15:35:42@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heoat least the camera one~.
15:35:48@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heothe power would be nice to have recessed, too.
15:35:59@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heothe volume ones are far from being in the way, sooo...
18:36:40@freenode_ronaldteune[m]:matrix.orgronaldteune[m] (IRC)
In reply to @freenode_^7heo:matrix.org
it would be much nicer to be able to print a cover with the button on the OTHER side and have it still work..
That would require some complex mechanics :)
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20:09:09@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heo Ronald Teune: not really no. just buttons, wires, and two different frames (left and right hands)
20:09:28@freenode_^7heo:matrix.org^7heowith people being able to print more as an added bonus
18 Feb 2019
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