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13 Jan 2020
17:56:29@zjabri:matrix.orgzjabriI use TWRP 3.3.1-1, Lineage os 16
17:57:27@leth:matrix.orglethThat's the latest version, I'm fairly certain it can decrypt encrypted partitions.
17:57:50@leth:matrix.orglethThough I must confess I'm not entirely sure.
17:58:48@leth:matrix.orgleth * Though I must confess I'm not entirely sure.
14 Jan 2020
19:00:18@oida:mdma.rocksoidaencryption is impossible w/ lineageos 16, sorry.
19:00:32@oida:mdma.rocksoidasince TWRP dropped encryption support a while ago
19:00:52@oida:mdma.rocksoidabut lineageos 16 needs a more recent version
19:01:41@oida:mdma.rocksoidait's still possible w/ lineageos 15.1 and a older twrp version tho, but no os updates anymore :(
15 Jan 2020
09:45:06@OSAKASIX:matrix.orgOSAKASIX joined the room.
09:46:50@OSAKASIX:matrix.orgOSAKASIXhang on what?
09:47:04@OSAKASIX:matrix.orgOSAKASIXdropped encryption support for this particular phone or?
09:47:35@OSAKASIX:matrix.orgOSAKASIXit still handles crypto, just not with android 10
17 Jan 2020
07:35:18@leth:matrix.orgleth Yeah, it's just android 10 that it can't decrypt.
12:38:17@oida:mdma.rocksoidaregarding device encrpytion, check this statement from twrp devs: https://twrp.me/faq/encryptionsupport.html
12:42:24@oida:mdma.rocksoidaI don't see how it's going to be reimplemented for recent aosp for such an old device tbh, maybe if someone would do some funding/donation to the devs or someone else who is willing to spend work on reverse engineering the blobs but I really don't know. :(
12:45:36@freenode_jochensp:matrix.orgjochensp I think it's better to explore other backup possibilities
12:45:45@oida:mdma.rocksoidaUltimately, for those concerned with privacy and the privacy of their conversation participants, this means the device is now already EOL, until someone is willing to work on device encryption. :((
16:31:04@calvofl0:matrix.org@calvofl0:matrix.org joined the room.
16:32:04@calvofl0:matrix.org@calvofl0:matrix.org left the room.
18:44:12@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismhttps://github.com/stevesoltys/seedvault is coming along nicely
19:44:53@vxid:matrix.orgThomas joined the room.
20:34:25@jfdh:matrix.orgjfdh Sweet, don't like being dependant on Titanium
18 Jan 2020
11:39:08@ingo:imbitbu.deIngoHas anyone used that yet? From what I understood it needs to be compiled into the OS image and can't be installed afterwards (or at least the current install procedure simply is like that).
14:07:16@oxidative:matrix.orgmpjup this compares poorly against twrp or titanium backup which will work independent from your rom.
14:13:52@ingo:imbitbu.deIngoBut then, if that came by default with let's say LineageOS I think I'd much prefer it over TWRP and Titanium
16:13:25@jfdh:matrix.orgjfdh Isn't Titanium closed source anyway?
16:32:58@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismAnother neat backup tool https://github.com/IzzySoft/Adebar/tree/v1.9.0
22:08:01@freenode_Marquel:matrix.orgMarquelchrmhoffmann: wrt. fp2 wpa2-enterprise issues i have - it seems partly to be the old behavior of the phone acting nicely after reboot until it once had to switch to german cell network and then back to wifi.
22:08:50@freenode_Marquel:matrix.orgMarquelit works with wpa2-psk, but wpa2-eap seems to pose a problem.
19 Jan 2020
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