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10 Dec 2019
19:22:47@oxidative:matrix.orgmpOh exiting news. Looking forward to give this a try soon 🙂
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11 Dec 2019
09:23:59@freenode_chrmhoffmann:matrix.orgchrmhoffmanni am not sure I can download the FP2 7 code
09:26:19@freenode_chrmhoffmann:matrix.orgchrmhoffmann z3ntu, will do the boot.img in a sec
09:57:54@freenode_chrmhoffmann:matrix.orgchrmhoffmann z3ntu, maybe you are missing this: https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_system_keymaster/+/265310
09:58:16@freenode_chrmhoffmann:matrix.orgchrmhoffmannthis is the lock screen thing and maybe it also breaks the encryption
10:00:09@freenode_chrmhoffmann:matrix.orgchrmhoffmann z3ntu, https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261667742
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12 Dec 2019
18:09:41@luca:z3ntu.xyzz3ntu chrmhoffmann: same behavior with that boot.img, just a soft-reboot basically. (build date of the base is 2019-12-08, kernel is 2019-12-11; both should be from you)
18:14:00@luca:z3ntu.xyzz3ntu chrmhoffmann: as pastebin seems to be down atm, here's the logcat: https://private.z3ntu.xyz/FP2/logcat_17_r3.txt
18:19:59@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmallooks like build instructions for android 7 have a bug, repo init -u https://code.fairphone.com/gerrit/manifest -b fp2-n-sibon
18:20:29@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmalthat is wrong, it should be https://code.fairphone.com/gerrit/p/manifest
18:21:46@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmal if I didn't have the "p" in the path I got errors that repos were not found when syncing
18:24:04@luca:z3ntu.xyzz3ntuugh they have new repos for android 7 ...
18:28:43@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmalnot sure why
18:29:30@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmal unless they are planning on pushing fp3 sources also in which case the fp2 project name didn't make sense
18:29:49@luca:z3ntu.xyzz3ntuI don't think so, FP3 software is made by an external company afaik
18:32:30@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmalI thought android 7 port was also made by some external company
18:33:25@luca:z3ntu.xyzz3ntuI know that they hired an external company to do some of the more difficult tasks (e.g. sim card toggle), but I think many parts were done in-house
18:33:58@luca:z3ntu.xyzz3ntuBut just look over the commit logs ;) If it's @fairphone.com, then likely in-house; I also saw @harman.com in a device repo
18:34:43@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmal well we'll see what happens
18:35:29@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmalno idea what kind contract they made for that
18:36:16@freenode_mal:matrix.orgmalbut I will start porting sailfish on top of that android 7 after the sources sync
13 Dec 2019
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