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24 Jun 2020
@mblg:matrix.orgmblgSmashed beef burgers with briovhe buns, salad with grilled pepperoni and zuchhini ;)19:02:01
@mblg:matrix.orgmblg*brioche buns19:02:19
@slavi:devture.comSlaviIt looks amazing!19:02:23
@mblg:matrix.orgmblg*Zucchini :)19:02:32
@slavi:devture.comSlaviIs that a cast-iron pan?19:02:26
@mblg:matrix.orgmblgBest for all the really hot things19:02:59
@slavi:devture.comSlaviVery inspirational! Thanks for posting it 😋19:03:57
@mblg:matrix.orgmblgWish i could have shared more than pictures :)19:17:50
@pe1son2:matrix.orgAce192dang it, now im hungry. i just finished a granola bar23:21:00
25 Jun 2020
26 Jun 2020
@michail:ru-matrix.orgmichail 18:48:21
@abhaydatta:diasp.inabhaydatta 19:28:07
@zazapoule:matrix.orgzazapoule joined the room.22:07:08
27 Jun 2020
@pe1son2:matrix.orgAce192 changed their profile picture.01:05:43
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@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112Heh is this blasphemy or what :p17:49:46
@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112Beef meatball curry with naan? 😅17:49:56
@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112It's not a reall curry though, more like a coconut milk sauce17:52:33
@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112But it's delicious17:52:38
@beastafk:devture.comBobbyif it's hot, it's fine 🙂 18:01:44
@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112It could have done with some more chili powder :( 18:10:26
@pe1son2:matrix.orgAce192thats blasphemy18:15:08
1 Jul 2020
@pe1son2:matrix.orgAce192 changed their profile picture.07:30:51
@mblg:matrix.orgmblgYummi. Made in the pan, right? I tried kind of a yoghurt garlic naan, but baked in thr oven. Was nice but has room for improvement 🙃19:38:44
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2 Jul 2020

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