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3 Nov 2018
14:18:23@joy.nyangor:matrix.orgjoynrb Slavi: it’s Moringa actually.
14:29:16@slavi:devture.comSlaviThat's even more interesting! Never heard of it before
14:29:33@joy.nyangor:matrix.orgjoynrb https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cookinglight.com/cooking-101/essential-ingredients/superfood-moringa-how-to-cook
14:29:44@joy.nyangor:matrix.orgjoynrbMaybe this will help?
14:31:20@slavi:devture.comSlaviYes, I did read a few articles about it already! Thanks! Looks like it's very healthy. Does it also contribute with a good taste? Especially for sprinkling on top of things like that pumpkin soup?
14:34:56@joy.nyangor:matrix.orgjoynrb Sadly, the powdered moringa has no flavor at all . Exactly like adding chia seeds onto soup.
10 Nov 2018
18:45:31@slavi:devture.comSlavi^^ Spare ribs + onion
11 Nov 2018
10:23:04@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112Home made apple pie, but now i have to wait for it to cool :(
10:32:03@Fafu:matrix.orgFafuSorry for the late answer: the white stuff is creme fraish... I had it open in the fridge a couple of days so it went into the lasagna 😉

vancha112: the apple pie looks great! Got plenty of apples around there, so I'm thinking of apple strudel..

Fafu: never heard of Crème Fraîche. It looks interesting! I've got to see if they sell it anywhere in my country. I wonder if using sour cream in the lasagna as a substitute would make it too tangy.

12 Nov 2018
15:58:29@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112Slavi: apfel strudel sounds great :) with lots of whipped cream ^^
16 Nov 2018
04:31:50@Sonic_DX:matrix.orgCardboard_SilverCool little 60s Corvette made out of chocolate
18 Nov 2018
22:47:20@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112 Funny food :p you don't see that a lot.
19 Nov 2018
09:07:17@Fafu:matrix.orgFafuIn bruxelles I have seen a Shop that had all kinds of things out of chocolate... even a one meter big elephant I guess 😊
11:49:10@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112I would have tried to eat the whole elephant :o
29 Nov 2018
22:45:08@timschlaf:matrix.org@timschlaf:matrix.org joined the room.
22:49:33@timschlaf:matrix.org@timschlaf:matrix.org left the room.
30 Nov 2018
14:09:43@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageBlue and violet cheesecake with a layer of chocolate and a blue d20 drawn on top
14:11:14@joy.nyangor:matrix.orgjoynrb looks delicious 😋
14:12:51@slavi:devture.comSlaviHappy 26th birthday to.. whoever this is!
14:13:01@slavi:devture.comSlaviLooks really good
In reply to @slavi:devture.com
Happy 26th birthday to.. whoever this is!
A friend of mine :D
14:14:36@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageThey had no 2 candles anymore so I had to get a bit creative
14:14:45@beastafk:devture.comBobby26th or 11 thousand and 10 birthday, impressive
In reply to @beastafk:devture.com
26th or 11 thousand and 10 birthday, impressive
I'll tell them

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