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Welcome. This is a room for devs working on Liquid Wiki - that is a holochain federated wiki app.2 Servers

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18 Feb 2018
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyI've been invited to demo it next week, so that'll be fun.12:19:56
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyIn the meantime, I think integrating the holochain application with one of the existing frontends would be a good way to make progress faster. So I'm going to explore that.12:21:01
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesGreat. Would you like to present the project at the open.coop conference in a few months time?12:30:46
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeySure. It should be considerably more useful by then12:32:56
19 Feb 2018
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20 Feb 2018
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyI finally figured out a webpack setup so I can import code from the existing wiki-client. I'll use this for one small useful feature then push to the repo.13:43:41
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyDone. the new ui code is still a mess... but at least now we can refactor out redundant things that wiki-client already does.15:18:01
4 Mar 2018
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxes Hi jason.sackey ... what do you think about using polymer and web components for the front end? 12:58:12
6 Mar 2018
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackey Hi fortyfoxes ! Sorry for the late reply. I've never used those before. Happy to give em a try 12:30:01
8 Mar 2018
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxes invited @bill_olivier:matrix.orgbill_olivier.16:47:37
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16 Mar 2018
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxes@jason.sackey have a thought / proposal for you...09:47:30
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesYou got time for a talk today / soon?09:47:39
18 Mar 2018
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackey fortyfoxes: I'll have time to work on the code tomorrow (monday) 16:03:01
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyI recently saw a talk on web components and I'm convinced they're well worth investing in...16:03:48
21 Mar 2018
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesJason would you like to join a small group in riot I created. We’re working on integrating a community currency we are creating called Voz.12:16:15
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesMost of the group are Holochain centric and we write and research together in wiki.12:16:59
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesI’ve just sorted the technique of publishing static sites from wiki, and will be using Polymer and web components for this. At least until someone presents a better toolchain / way forwards.12:21:44
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesThe aim is to make the components for wiki, the static sites and mobile the same.12:21:59
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesThe only condition for joining the Voz channel is that you accept being paid in Voz for the work you do :)12:22:52
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesHere is your presentation in wiki - http://hack.platform.earth/jason-on-fed-wiki.html15:34:05
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesWould be good to add to the page - fork it and write any links to repositories etc - then we can shoot an update soon showing progress and where we are going with web components etc?15:35:08
23 Mar 2018
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyDavid, I'm interested in joining08:10:51
@jason.sackey:matrix.orgjason.sackeyI've started a new job this week, but I'll be able to make time here and there08:11:14
27 Mar 2018
@ashtay67:matrix.orgashtay67 joined the room.20:40:25
28 Mar 2018
@fortyfoxes:matrix.orgfortyfoxesHolochain Hackathon - international times in wiki - http://meet.platform.earth/view/holo-casa/view/holochain-hackathon holochain hackathon14:04:31

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