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23 Jul 2021
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu I had played with the https://www.adafruit.com/product/3056 17:41:04
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith oh, ive actually used those before as well, but not for anything like this 17:42:15
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu See : https://github.com/kelu124/echomods/tree/master/retired/croaker 17:43:11
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu " In a nutshell: getting roughly 12bits, 2Msps+ ADC acquisition and Wifi-streaming, on a powerbank.Β Read more hereΒ for the details on the STM32 work.Β Arduino code here, with details for setup. " 17:43:24
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Not continuous though 17:43:54
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith ah, what sort of interval? 17:44:22
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu I think 250us then sending, continuously 17:45:52
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu STM32F303 seems to have 5Msps ADC πŸ˜ƒ 17:46:38
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu to be honest, it'll be tricky 17:46:58
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith lordy dont i know it 17:47:13
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu ^^ 17:47:22
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu btw, if you signal is modulated, why don't you put the demodulation in hardware and slow ADC + wifi ? 17:47:29
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith i was able to get continuous capture on an rpi0w with an ads7884 using dma, and streaming the data into a csv file 17:47:57
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu Alternatively, i'd go for an wire connection πŸ˜ƒ 17:48:01
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu using a rpi0w isn't really a microcontroller but sounds good yup. 17:48:24
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith but continuous streaming was just not happeneing, couldnt set up a proper ping pong buffer, and i think the problem there was the way rpi works 17:48:30
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu if you have issues with how the RPi works, then using a microcontroler is .. courageous πŸ˜ƒ 17:49:02
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith hahaha 17:49:33
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu hum I have seen some hardware buffers 17:49:41
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith ~brave~ stupid and desperate 17:49:54
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu there are some chips that can act as FIFOs, so that could be a solution 17:50:08
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu you connect the FIFO buffer between the RPi and ADC, and you get the RPi to read the FIFO by burst when not shipping through wifi 17:50:30
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith thats a good idea, its essentially what I was trying to do with the ping pong buffer, i hadn't thought to put physical hardware in that position 17:52:04
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu hardware is nice πŸ˜‰ 17:52:18
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith in answer to your earlier question about hardware for demod, I suggested that but was shot down... 17:53:18
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu to be honest I'd go for a small, cheap FPGA (like the up5k i use and like) that would go between the ADC and the buffer, then buffer to RPi. 17:54:00
@_slack_usdevkit_U5M5PLH9S:matrix.orgkelu trick is then when the RPi isn't sending to "size" the bandwidth required to read from the buffer 17:55:41
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith interesting, I really appreciate your help! 17:58:42
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith you've given me quite a bit to research 17:59:11
@_slack_usdevkit_U028V9ZMXKP:matrix.orgbrycedrechselsmith thanks 17:59:29

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