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14 Dec 2019
In reply to @van74:matrix.org
Please julie123
04:20:08@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman shaka222333: OK. So for the time being you are just fine. You will get everything you need there. Please be patient and we will get you back. We had a major security breach. And some were removed and need to be added. You did nothing wrong.
04:21:05@van74:matrix.orgvan74julie123: Thanks julie123!! 🌹
04:21:08@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman@shaka222333 you are still in the Intel Room
04:21:28@shaka222333:matrix.orgshaka222333 Dwisewoman: thank you i so appreciate you all and love being part of what we are all a part of here
04:21:53@shaka222333:matrix.orgshaka222333 Dwisewoman: i just saw that i popped back up i will go and verify again i see i need to do that
04:22:47@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewomanOK. I will verify you on my side and then you just need to do Julie123 and AAM
04:24:15@shaka222333:matrix.orgshaka222333 Dwisewoman: maybe AARIEL put me back in
04:25:13@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman shaka222333: Her or Julie. I have verified you - so you should be able to see my posts and see the green lock by my name. If not, then click on my avatar and verify. Do that with Julie123 and AAM.
04:26:25@shaka222333:matrix.orgshaka222333 Dwisewoman: thank you all of you are so kind
04:27:09@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman shaka222333: You are most welcome. Now We need to stop chatting in this room. It is for posting only. If you need more help please ask in the Fleming GM General Chat.
04:27:18@shaka222333:matrix.orgshaka222333 Dwisewoman: i just figured out how to go to the private message
04:27:55@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman shaka222333: Yeah!
04:34:59@julie123:matrix.orgjulie123Redacted or Malformed Event
04:57:02@vearle:matrix.orgvearle Thanks for all your beautiful news efforts Mr Fleming & Mods. I really so appreciate it. Keeps me and I’m sure everyone else sane! 💗
05:53:57@woodguy61:matrix.orgwoodguy61💥✨✨AAURIEL✨✨💥: so how can I get back into the the Riot room Intel. I was invited back into the chat
05:57:45@woodguy61:matrix.orgwoodguy61The Intel room icon does not show up for me either
09:57:14@lovewins:matrix.orglovewinsGood morning world. God please give us the strength we need to today. Thank you 🙏
13:59:20@jpiaventures:matrix.orgjpiaventuresRedacted or Malformed Event
14:05:46@woodguy61:matrix.orgwoodguy61Ok sorry!
19:19:20@inflight213:matrix.orginflight213 Are questions allowed concerning the R/V in this room ?
19:20:49@vearle:matrix.orgvearle I think you should go into Fleming GM General Chat room
19:21:06@inflight213:matrix.orginflight213Thank you
19:21:56@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman inflight213: No - we keep this room for posting Humanitarian ideas. If you see something you like or would like more info on - you can DM the person. Chat's are for main room. Hope you are having a great day!
20:14:59@inflight213:matrix.orginflight213 Yes ok
15 Dec 2019
22:05:46@texashrv:matrix.orgTexasHRV Dwisewoman: Can i get back into Chat and Intel rooms?
22:32:17@julie123:matrix.orgjulie123 TexasHRV: See private message. You are invited back in.
22:37:21@julie123:matrix.orgjulie123 * TexasHRV: See private message. You are invited back in.
16 Dec 2019
00:00:12@gladys21:matrix.orgMujer de fe left the room.

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