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21 Feb 2019
11:09:53@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Tabunet> @Tabunet: I would not recommend it again in a distribution based on Arch Linux, maybe it's better to use it with the official KDE project (KDE Neon)
11:13:49@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Tabunet> @Rogerio Figueiredo: Antergos with XFCE works well as with most distributions based on Arch Linux that I tested as Manjaro and you can run GTK and QT applications
11:14:03@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Tabunet> @Tabunet: the use of applications is the most important thing for your computer and better to leave free memory to execute your favorite applications
11:15:34@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Tabunet> a
11:15:34@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Tabunet> 182/5000
11:15:34@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Tabunet> and my computer is old and needs memory, so I am now happy with XFCE but if your computer is better, use your favorite desktop or your needs
11:24:55@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107Just a window manager is even more lightweight. After a fresh boot it shows 230 MB of RAM usage and the laptops fans arent even on
11:26:08@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Rogerio Figueiredo> I have 6gb of Tam on that computer
11:26:13@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Rogerio Figueiredo> And works well with kde
11:28:29@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107Back when I had Mint, Cinnamon didnt run that smooth on my laptop. It has around 6 GB of ram too
12:08:52@freenode_flarunt:matrix.orgflarunt pacman is asking me "Replace libsystemd with core/systemd-libs?", what should i do?
12:23:07@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107I did that an my computer didnt break so far
12:23:30@freenode_flarunt:matrix.orgflaruntyes im still here too, survived reboot
12:23:51@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107 Guess I've been lucky with the systemd & kernel updates recently
12:24:46@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107Then it should bee good
12:25:19@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107 I got timeshift installed just in case. It's in the aur
12:46:24@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Rogerio Figueiredo> I do have dual boot with mint and mint with cinamom looks even smooth that antergos with kde
12:46:38@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Rogerio Figueiredo> At least is it stable
12:46:59@freenode_Botergos:matrix.orgBotergos [TG] <Rogerio Figueiredo> What I love in antergos is the store in aur I can find everything
14:43:49@freenode_Phryq:matrix.org@freenode_Phryq:matrix.org left the room.
15:01:23@freenode_tino097:matrix.orgtino097 left the room.
15:10:01@freenode_andril:matrix.organdril hey jakobr_107 :)
15:10:54@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107 Hello andril sup?
15:12:06@freenode_andril:matrix.organdrilnot much just waiting on my new machine
15:20:47@jakobr_107:matrix.orgjakobr_107Oh nice. What machine are you getting?
15:26:43@freenode_tino097:matrix.orgtino097 joined the room.
15:54:00@freenode_andril:matrix.organdril X1 Extreme from Lenovo

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